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Infested Planet Infested Planet is a tactical RTS, giving players the command of 5 soldiers and pitting them against a swarm of 100,000 aliens. To defeat this numerous enemy, players will have to employ their entire arsenal of weapons, buildings and technologies. Constructing everything from artillery cannons to heavily armoured minigun specialists, the marine team must push back the encroaching alien menace. The aliens have a few tricks at their disposal as well. They can mutate to gain new abilities, challenging the player with new problems. Potential commanders will need to adapt quickly or risk being overrun.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1388
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Rocket Bear Games / Rocket Bear Games
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Infested Planet reviews ( 7 )

Jasko, Jun 29, 2014

This is a pretty awesome little realtime strategy game. The capture-and-hold elements along with various upgrades have kept it interesting while the constantly-overwhelming-feeling gameplay has stayed entertaining. 15hrs in and one level left to go. It has gotten pretty challenging, but not unfairly so (with upgrades and money flowing in regularly from side missions). I bought this while it was on sale on steam and it is my most played game from the steam summer sale so far.

quorum, Apr 29, 2015

Realtime strategy/Tower defense mix at its best. The campaign is very absolutely terrific and some missions are very very hard to handle. Absolutely worth its money if you can live with simple concepts and simple graphics.

dominosfleet, Feb 12, 2014

Infested Planet is a RTS/Tower Defense game that takes a more aggressive approach to game play. The game starts you off with 4 marines, though the graphics are a little weak and so realizing they are people might be a challenge. The goal is to go from alien base to base, disabling them and capturing the point so you can move on to the next while defending the previous. If you've ever played the Special Forces mods for Starcraft and Starcraft 2 then you've played something very similar to this. The game seems to have quite a bit to offer in upgrades and expand-ability. While I'm only a couple hours in I've enjoyed what I've played so far and look forward to losing myself in once again soon.

TastyKakes, Jul 8, 2013

I must start off by saying that this game is currently in BETA and is thus not the completed project, keep that in mind. Infested Planet is considered an RTS but it is so much more than just a label, Infested Planet not only keeps your attention but constantly causes you to rethink what you thought you knew. For example the aliens are continuously mutating and adapting to your efforts to overcome them. This game will have you pausing it over and over just so you can take a look at the big picture, the overarching strategy so to say. Should I send my men there or would they be better served elsewhere? Do i need another medic or flamer? Micro-management is key and in the later levels you will be forced to hone those skills. Once again I say that this game is in BETA but has so much room to grow and is already a good game.Time will tell if it will become a great one, I have hope in the game and the developers of it, that they will do their utmost to create the game that they dream of.

Jounk33, Nov 28, 2013

This is an early access review. Really unusual RTS that actually no modern graphics and other bells and whistles needed. Pro: - Exciting, is not boring even after many hours - Allows you to very individual style of play - Randomly generated maps and campaign maps - Randomly generated opponents tactics - Acceptable Atmosphere - Rewarding System Cons: - Price should be around 10 but cost around 15 - Sound and voice output, very monotonous - Research, confusing - Mission selection, cluttered, ugly All in all, I like it. A successful implementation of a good idea. Highly recommended for RTS fans, but TBS Lover and graphics fanatics stay away.

ave, Nov 8, 2015

Even if I cannot properly play RTS due to frantic multitasking, I enjoyed the first missions of Infested Planet. It's hard to do a fair review of the game since the pressure was too hard to actually explore all the options the game had to offer (unlike classical TD) One interesting aspect of the game is that the alien nests have spawn blobs and tower with a visible range, so if you're cautious enough, you may approach your target being undetected (otherwise, a steady flow of critters will converge to you). Another design aspect of the game is that the alien behavior clearly looks like liquid flow, so it sometimes appears you're dealing with rivers going wild (or plumbing issues). I feel there is some kind of hidden gameplay here, but wasn't able to access it. All in all : a good RTS if you appreciate being pressured from all sides ;)

Indrigis, Jun 13, 2015

Not fun, dumb AI for both the aliens and the marines (the base they respawn at is the closest linearly so one wrong step can set your reinforcements a minute of walking away if they respawn behind a wall), very little general choice in what to do. Attack-move nearest nest, capture, move on, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, uninstall.