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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet In this Insanely Twisted, 2-D action-adventure game, explore unique environments and battle bizarre creatures as you make your way toward the center of the mysterious Shadow Planet! Solve complex puzzles and upgrade your ship with alien technology as you fight to save your home world. Featuring both local and Games for Windows - LIVE multiplayer game modes.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1798
Genre Action, Action Adventure, Open-World, Shooter, Scrolling, Shoot-'Em-Up, Horizontal
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Shadow Planet Productions

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet reviews ( 7 )

Isaac_adhd, Jul 28, 2012

On a PC you get so much better visuals, the better controls and overall more value for your money in this interesting game-creation. I loved every minute of it.

TheLagbringer, Jul 31, 2013

I loved the gameplay, the graphics, the puzzles, the bossfights. Man, this game extremely relaxing, chill and fun to play at the same time Just dip into the sofa, grab your controller (it multiplies the chill factor of the game) and enjoy.

Captain_Chaos, Jun 22, 2016

Now in many Metroidvanias, the power of flight is often held away from the player until the endgame, as with the genre's two instigators. Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet says ♥♥♥♥ that, you're a flying saucer, now fly around and shoot things. What follows is an incredibly stylish adventure through the dark corridors of the namesake world, where your lone alien must battle horrible tenticled monstrosities and locate useful tools to open new paths, in typical genre fashion. The overall length is noticbly short, especially for a Metroidvania, but it it's a solid experience the whole way through. Combat is not particularly challenging, and although you can take only a few hits, checkpoints are frequent. The puzzles are also not overly challenging, when compared to, say, Guacamelee, and the game lacks the insane shinespark-style secrets that a game like Metroid: Zero Mission has- overall I might term ITSP a "Metroidvania-lite", perhaps unsurprising given its origins as an Xbox Live Arcade game (I had a similar experince with a game called Shadow Complex, which I managed to 100% the first time I played it, without using a guide). The game exploits its physics engine wherever possible, giving you a crane-game claw to manipulate objects and enemies, and things like strong winds and underwater currents, map-orientation-changing rotating rooms, and laser-reflection puzzles. There are even segments where you must guide a rocket through a narrow, zig-zagging tunnel to hit an otherwise out-of-reach switch. The tools are varied and fun to use, though at least one, the shield, isn't actually necessary to complete the game. It also has some excellent, screen-filling bosses, which as per standard, test your ability to use a recently-acquired powerup. There are a handful of secret areas to find, which reward the player with concept art and short cutscenes that show the origins of the shadow creatures. I haven't tried the multiplayer modes, though, so I can't speak for them, but I enjoyed the singeplayer enough that I completed the other like, 7/8ths of the game in one sitting. This game's been out a while already, so if you haven't given it a try and you love games for the sake of fun and artistic value, you've been missing out. But if you're a serious tryhard, do yourself a favor and... don't be.

ultraman21, Aug 5, 2012

the game is unplayable for me and about 2 percent of people for me to make the game playable i have to do alot of command prompt and restart my computer twice, making a Xbox account sucked so if you don't already have one be prepared to create one and its annoying as hell... i am 16 and it made me make a parent account when insanely twisted shadow planet is in my opinion a 7 and up kind of game then once i went threw the pain of making an account on (games for windows even though i am playing on steam) i learned i would have to go into command prompt and fix it in order to play my own game shadow planet is a great game but i recommend you don't buy it on steam, you can not even exit your game unless you use task manger without logging in...

frast, Oct 6, 2012

Sometimes you want to play a simple, simple arcade game, without complicated solutions, staked on the simple gameplay. And here comes the Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, a game that could be really interesting for someone who wants a simple arcade game. There is no, the game shows an interesting atmosphere for what is good is pulled in a great game. There are no complex solutions, so the game is really simple, come after a while the game becomes really quite logical arcade game. The game she could be really interesting, but ultimately it turns out that the creator actually impose here an open world, and some solutions that are very boring. After some time the game becomes very boring side and even at times heavy. But making up for the two modes Coop on one computer / console that can draw a lot of players, and yet who does not like Coop? ... The game is a basic, simple idea with its pros and cons. It may appeal to gamers who want to torture the ordinary simple game, but others may not appeal to. My Rating - 5/10

winj3r, Jan 27, 2013

The only thing I can say about this game is that it' is boring. The music is good, the design is good, the controls are good, but the game is just boring to a fault.

goodterling, Mar 31, 2016

The "insane" part of this game are these stupid missile mazes where you guide badly controlled missiles through tight mazes without touching the walls. I made it through the first 2 of these, but I gave up after 50 attempts at the 3rd. Craziest difficulty spike I've ever seen in a game. I wanted to keep playing, but the devs kicked me out of the game with this stupid mechanic. OK Devs, you win. I uninstalled it. And here's your zero rating for the crap experience.