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Into the Stars Into the Stars is a single player open-world journey through a distant solar system. Take the role of Captain as you explore a massive star system in search of a new home for humanity. Outfit your ship, select your crew and set off on a journey where you must scavenge resources, shelter civilians and outrun a hostile alien force in order to survive.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 63 / 100
User rating
Downloads 682
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Fugitive Games / Fugitive Games

Into the Stars reviews ( 3 )

mevsthevoices, Mar 9, 2016

I'd rather be working in a call center, getting yelled at all night by people who've never met me. Game feels like work, tiresome, boring ass work, without any rewarding moments to speak of. Flying the ship, boring, exploring planets, boring, getting in to combat, unbelievably boring. Save your money

PutCashIn, Mar 13, 2016

Well, unfortunately this is as bad as others have made it out to be. Battled with a lagging interface to finally get full screen and resolution set correctly. No tutorial. Asked to select crew, given list, why would I do anything other than chose the best for each category? Made it to first planet, went into orbit. Went to deploy 'mining probe thing' - informed this would cost 75. SEVENTY FIVE WHATS? Units, people, include units, like you were taught in first year university. Stopped playing in case it was 75 years off my life, or seventy five more dollars for a game that HAS NO TUTORIAL. Avoid.

Leonidax, May 22, 2016

El juego es aburrido y al mismo tiempo estresante, mencionan que no tienes que dedicarle mucho tiempo al micro manejo, pero la verdad es que solo cuentas con 6 miembros de la tripulación para resolver conflictos internos de la nave, si alguno muere es IMPOSIBLE reponerlo de la población, el juego te obliga a recuperarlo desde alguna mision en la superficie de un planeta o luna, que dicho sea de paso, es absurdo que solo permita 3 intentos. Cuando llegas al final no hay alguna animación, ni pantalla de créditos, siento que el juego está sin terminar, me pareció más una beta.