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Intrusion 2 Intrusion 2 is an action platformer. Set in sci-fi environment on reserve planet occupied by hostile military corporation conducting forbidden weapon research. Intrusion 2 is inspired by classic 16bit era sidescrollers and focuses on classic fast paced action combined with modern physics and animation.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1685
Genre Action, Shooter, Scrolling
Company / Developer
VAP Games / VAP Games
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Intrusion 2 reviews ( 7 )

rwartaters, Jul 25, 2012

Love it! The different weapons are great and riding a wolf is pretty bad ass.. And to know one guy did both the code AND the fantastic art is inspiring.

skrik, Sep 5, 2013

I dont understand what's with the negative reviews here. The controls are in the style of Abuse but the jumps are a bit floaty, which is no big deal because its mostly a shooter and not a platformer. The physics DO get a lil bit in the way and there is one puzzle that can take a couple minute to deal with because some robot's body gets in the way. That's it, 2 minutes. For the rest This is an awesome metal slug abuse like. The best I have seen in years. There is not many boss battles but hear me: those are possibly the best boss battles I have ever played in a game of this genre. The last boss is AMAZINGLY EPIC. The game is pretty short, but also its pretty cheap.

DigitalBuffalo, Jun 9, 2013

Let's get one thing out of the way, I HATE games like this, I had to stop playing them to save money for smashed keyboards. That being said, this game is amazing. I don't know what it is that makes this so different from the others like it, but I played it on a recommendation and kept playing it. Even dying seemed justified, not like the game is trying to kill you. Awesome game.

askewreviews, Sep 5, 2013

Intrusion 2 feels like a modern remake of an SNES game, and is a really solid update on old-school platform shooters. It combines a bit of Contra with some Metal Slug and polishes it with slick animations, effective physics and responsive, modern controls. Intrusion 2 is a great game that you can often get for dirt cheap, but is worth picking up for the full price.

BeatHour, Oct 28, 2013

A lot of great ideas, but the game remains very short, almost tech-demo-like. Or its shortness might bring to mind older arcade games, but not really the lengthy 'bullet-hell' Metal Slug games. Unlike what I've seen some claim, the pacing does not escalate much. It has a lot of cool moment, but those moments are few compared to wading through defenseless infantrymen. Parts like finding the robot with the hook-shot arm were amazing, and it handled and played really well. I would have liked to have seen more mech vs mech combat. The best parts of the game were the instances vs the Stalkers. Those machines are crazy-fun to fight. Its a memorable gaming experience, but I just wish there was more of it, and more of what I like. The giant robot battle at the end is pretty classic and brings to mind a classic epic SNES-N64 experience.

Gamer147, Jun 17, 2013

The weapons and wolf are pretty rad, but honestly speaking, I'm a casual player this game so the fact that the checkpoints are scarce is kind of annoying, just a few more here and there would've been great.

AidenJones, Jun 13, 2013

I went into this game with high hopes expecting to be playing a more modern and improved version of an old favourite, Metal Slug. At first the game felt like it was doing well, nice artwork, different weapons, various enemies, but the further into the game I got the more it felt like it was just trying to show of it's physics and rag-doll capabilities. Corpses soon went from awesome rag-doll deaths to annoying pick up blockers. The controls started to become even more clunky as the game progressed, the automatic grabbing of ropes when jumping past them got me shot a couple of times whilst trying to dodge attacks. Not to mention the wolf riding, sure it looks good on the trailer and in thumbnail art, but when you hop onto one of those things you just wish it would die so you can get back to being a bad-ass with a gun rather than a guy struggling to turn his mount around whilst flying robots shoot at his stationary behind. The wolf controls just felt bad, you become a sitting duck as soon as you hop on one of those things. Okay all be it you can move a lot faster on a wolf, but only if you go straight in one direction and don't have to manoeuvre over around anything like, lets say, a heap of rag-doll corpses... Which of course there are always going to be. At first you think it's a game with mechanics that will add a lot to your experience, but they end up taking away the core part of any game, enjoyment.