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Invisible, Inc. Invisible, Inc. is a mercenary espionage agency operating in the latter years of the 21st century. Infiltrate procedurally generated corporate facilities in tense, turn-based missions where every move could be your last. Find profit in chaos as you guide your team around the world in search of lucrative contracts.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2280
Genre Sci-Fi, Strategy, Turn-Based, General, Tactics
Company / Developer
Klei Entertainment / Klei Entertainment
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Invisible, Inc. reviews ( 7 )

Hatge, May 16, 2015

Great intense tactical game. The game itself feels well designed and programmed. Everything runs smooth. Sound is great too. You have a lot of tactical decisions to make. One of the best tactical games I played in a while. In a mission the play-style can be compared with XCOM (but ouside of missions it has no base-building or reaseach), Outside of a mission it feels more like FTL, you can select between different next missions and you can upgrade your agents with items or skills.

smilzoboboz, Oct 16, 2016

Extra solid turn based strategy, unique art style, procedurally generated levels (for real, far better than XCOM:EU) and if you like challenge I assure you that you can enjoy yourself since there are a lot of different options to make the game insanely hard. I fell in love with this title because of the post-apocalyptic sci-fi theme (some kind of cyberpunk I crave for) and because of the first mission which was damn hard (played only in expert mode because I'm a masochist).

roccit, Nov 14, 2015

Great mixture of TBS and stealth, perfected stealth. Overall quality game and intriguing setting. Could have expanded the plot nevertheless. My GOTY. Very short base story as well. But none of these even pauses it from being fun, replay in different modes , to get unique maps, Overall a well packaged product worth every penny you pay for it

Matseb2611, Jul 10, 2015

All right, so I do recommend the game, but I'll say right away that it's easily not for everyone. In short, if you're expecting a well-pieced together story, you won't find it here, but if you're after a rogue-like turn-based dungeon crawler, then this game will be right up your alley. The presentation is probably the game's biggest strength. It's put together well in shiny visuals, clean UI, and a fun gameplay concept that takes isometric turn-based combat and makes it stealth-oriented, where you're better off avoiding the enemies rather than engaging in fights. The game is fun, if you enjoy turn-based tactics that let you plan your every ally's move. The gameplay concept is solid, but some of its execution was a fair bit annoying to me personally. A lot of the challenge presented felt simply artificial and unfair. The raising security level each and every turn forces you to rush each mission. Exploration is simply not rewarded under this system, because the longer you stay on your mission, the more security measures will be added after every few turns, which will eventually put you in a tight spot. I never came across any way for me to freeze or reduce the security level. It's just a rush against time, but on turn-based basis. I was also not fond of the fact that I couldn't buy any equipment for my party in between missions. The only time I could do it was if I happened to find an automated shop during missions, when I had virtually no money to spend. Of 4 agents I had in my missions, 2 were running about without weapons and just being used to sit on the guards. This brings me to another annoyance. If you don't have a weapon, you have no way to deal with the guards. No idea what sort of agents these are who can't even take out a guard from behind unless they have a tazer. Things start to get more complex when you meet enemies in armour, who are invulnerable to most weapons, and your only chance is to play a cat and mouse game where you're constantly running away. But, I really did like being able to improve my agents in between missions by upgrading their stats, even if stats themselves did feel a bit unbalanced. Speed felt like the most useful stat by far, since it gave you more action points, with hacking being a close second, since everything requires hacking. But strength and anarchy felt next to useless. Strength only lets you carry more items, and anarchy makes you steal slightly more money from the guards. And lastly the story, well, it was mostly on the background. The most of it you'll see is in the opening and ending cutscenes. But the rest of the game you're just dungeon-crawling really. It was pretty neat to get to pick which mission to do from a wide selection. It's very non-linear and each mission simply increases your assets - either you rescue an extra agent to add to the team, or you find some new shiny gear to use. Though because of that, it also meant that there were no story-related reasons to do any mission. You could expect the same approach in each one and merely doing as many as you can to pass 72 hours in-game before having to do the final one with what you've got. I was also hoping there'd be some more character development. All the agents in your team were just mute puppets for you to control. They never showed any personality or had anything to say aside from a witty one-liner at the start of each mission. Having said this, if you are a dungeon-crawl fanatic and like challenge, you should enjoy this game very much. It has higher difficulty modes, as well as an endless mode too where you have to survive for as long as you can. Overall, it's a worthy game to try and I have had my fair share of fun with it, even though the main campaign is rather on the short side.

prossnip42, May 31, 2015

A pretty damn good stealth indie game. but the again what d you expect from the creators of mark of the ninja. On with the review then Pros: -the graphics while not the best are unique and the art style is top notch -i like how you can play with 2 characters at the same time. so one might get caught while the other one can complete the objective. it is inovative and fun. But lets get to the cons Cons: -it forces you to be stealthy. i know its a stealth game but a choice would have been nice -i hate the turn based combat and this game has a lot of that. But at the end its not enough to discourage me from playing it Overall this is a good stealth game. its not mark of the ninja perfect but its not bad. I give it an 8/10

psylife, Apr 3, 2016

One of the finest tactical games I have experienced. The turn-based stealth blend is refreshing and new. The mechanics are quite deep yet approachable. It would take quite a few paragraph to describe the game's mechanics but they can be summed up by saying it is a deeper more rewarding take on the Xcom formula from which it borrows heavily; That said, the mechanics are much deeper than Xcoms and ultimately quite a lot more rewarding and thoughtful. The game is capable of putting you in some really challenging situations that will put you on the edge of your seat until the very last turn; The thrill and suspense it is capable of generating, is where lies the true heart and genius of this game. The sustained stream of new gadgets and mechanics combined with the randomly generated levels, ensures a high replay value. The audio-visual compartment is polished and the overall atmosphere is quite immersive. This game is clever, fun, thrilling and ultimately enjoyable.

eon_tal, Oct 5, 2016

Unfortunately, I must go against the masses and say I ended up uninstalling Invisible Inc a week after I bought it. This choice largely came down to personal taste but, then again, that is how we grade most games anyway. Simply put, I found the artwork and atmosphere to be unbearably childish and naive. It's not that I dislike cartoonish style as such. But Invisible Inc was just too "Disney" for me. Together with a lack of a good storyline noted by many other reviewers, the game just did not have the backbone to make it worth my time (making it different from something like Militia which never tries to be anything more than what it is). The strategic mechanics, while fun for the first few missions, failed to make up for complete lack of immersion in the game world. For those who remember the oldies, a similar criticism on style could be leveled against the change that took place between X-Com Terror From the Deep and Apocalypse. Yet the incredibly immersive mechanics of Apocalypse, together with a strong story, helped one look past the catastrophic choice of color scheme (and I admit having completed it countless times on different difficulty settings). The strategic side of Invisible Inc pales in comparison and there is thus little to make up for its lack of style and storyline. Today, I would pick up something like Frozen Synapse over Invisible Inc any day. It is too bad since I really, really wanted to like this one.