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iRacing iRacing is a subscription-based racing simulator for the PC.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1541
Genre Driving, Racing, Arcade, Other
Company / Developer Motorsport Simulations / Motorsport Simulations

iRacing reviews ( 6 )

JingJingJangles, Jan 15, 2016

iRacing is a cut above all other simulators. Sure the graphics aren't the best, it's expensive and the physics are a work in progress as they are in all sims. The thing is, the user base is what makes iRacing a simulator like no other. There is no other place where you can find other like minded people, who want to race and treat simulated racing like it's the real thing and find enough of those people 24/7 to have a race on the hour, every hour. I'm sorry, but pretty graphics just don't make it feel real. It is the competition that makes a game feel like motorsports. Also, all the tracks are laser scanned and chintzy user generated mods are not relied upon to puff up the track count.

RenanDexter, Jul 23, 2015

Pro The best game Best Multiplayer Best match with oval Native servers Oficial Racers Ranking Cons. Value. Sale only in dollar It has no competitor.

Mikel, Nov 1, 2010

By far, the best racing simulator I've ever "played". Not only the physics, car response and tracks are brilliantly simulated, but everything that involves competition (points system, race splitting, safety rating...) really works, and make you feel close to real live racing.It costs quite a lot of money (note I'm not saying expensive) but it is worth it. They are improving it all the time, and all those laser scanned car&tracks, and physics must be payed somehow. They are trying to make money as any other company, of course, but I feel part of my money is used to make the thing get better. Anyway, a lower subscription fee would be great.There are some good promotions for new people, and if you like racing, you should definitely give it a chance.

WillKill, Apr 6, 2011

iRacing claims to be the best racing sim out there. It surely has plenty of tracks and cars. However, there are many things about iRacing that are not so great. The game is setup with a subscription service. Already it's annoying because it does not fit the subscription based game format. iRacing isn't an MMO nor is it exclusevly online. So really a subscription is going to make the player pay more money. At $12 a month you get access to about 5 cars and 5 tracks. Compare that to other MMOs like World of WarCraft were your hardrive loses half its space with each expansion. Such little content. You can gain access to later cars, but you have to cough up $12 per car and $15 a track. Nothing is done for the consumer. Everything has a price even hosting a game ($3). This leaves me thinking that the developer is trying to squise money out of me.

TixyLix, Feb 25, 2015

Too expensive. Firstly you have a subscription which isn't too bad at first, only $15 for 3 months. However after your sub is up you better be prepared double that because making a new account will just mean starting all over again. If it was just a subscription then I wouldn't have a problem with any of this, however for that sub you get next to no content, you'll have to pay $10-15 for each car and track. The costs just mount up so much and all the sub promotions are for new people or people who haven't subbed for months. They do not seem to reward your loyalty. A lot of the content isn't even worth the money, I don't understand why but a lot of it is very dated. Why haven't we got the latest version of Silverstone? Just seems odd racing on the version from, many years ago. I bought that track in excitement because I was doing a track day and wanted to be prepared.... then I found it it was the old version. What do we pay you for? Update old content already. When is there going to be a new engine? When are we going to have improved sound? It all feels very 2005, we have games like Project Cars, Forza 5 and Assetto Corsa out there now, while they aren't directly competing, they are making iRacing look and sound old. All this is such a shame because iRacing is the only racing game out there with the online structure in place to mean you can race, have it be clean and also have it be meaningful. You have a penalty system in place, you have rankings and you can progress your career in the game. No other racer has this, I mean most you do like 3-5 laps, everyone crashes into each other and that is it.... I can understand the barrier to entry, if you make the game too easy to get into, you'll end up with hackers and lots of idiots trolling. However I feel like as a loyal player, I don't get a good deal..

pedroriel, Jan 30, 2015

iRacing is great for driving, but the safety rating which penalises you no matter what is stupid, and the administrators are not particularly helpful, even to the point of being condescending.