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Iron Brigade Iron Brigade is a third-person shooter in which players pilot and control giant weaponized mechs to defend against robotic enemies.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1051
Genre Action, Strategy, Shooter, Real-Time, General, Third-Person, Defense, Sci-Fi
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / Double Fine Productions

Iron Brigade reviews ( 6 )

Matseb2611, Sep 9, 2015

A fun tower defence game. Customize your mech (known as trench) and go out into the field to defend the objective. Iron Brigade combines the 3rd person shooter combat with the classic tower defence gameplay of strategically placing turrets of various kinds to help you make a stand. There is a large variety of enemies, which are introduced bit by bit throughout the campaign, ranging from fast fliers to slow yet durable Big Willies, to suicidal Blitzers, and hordes of spiky balls known as the Knobs. Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses and therefore you are required to outfit your trench with optimum weaponry for each mission in order to be effective. Most of the enemy designs were pretty creative and had a sort of personality. I've played throughout the whole game solo. The early missions are fairly easy, but latter ones do pose a substantial challenge and might require several tries to get your strategy up to perfection. It's fun if you like a challenge. The game also has a handful of boss fights, so to speak. They do feel kind of different and out of touch with the rest of the gameplay though, especially the final boss of the original campaign. There were some small annoyances, like there being too little time in between the waves and cutscenes/dialogue not being skippable (not that I've found anyway), but other than this, it was fine. I didn't realise there was also an expansion act to the game, called 'Rise of the Martian Bear'. After playing the first mission, I'm a bit disappointed with it. It seems co-op play is encouraged much more here than solo play (so I might have to try them out on co-op), not to mention a strange lag that wasn't present in any of the previous missions. You also get some survival missions where you fight an endless horde of enemies. Overall it's a fun game. It has a nice sense of humour to it with a hint of silliness, but it certainly works and can often give you a good chuckle. So if you like tower defence games, you should find Iron Brigade worth playing.

Sjalka, Jun 1, 2015

well, better late than never.... I got this game in 2015 - but i have to admit that i was surprised that it was a 2012 release. Not so much because its looks and feel is up to date so much - but rather because it fit into the casual games market of 14/15 quite well. Graphics are alright with actually pretty good models, simple animation and a good amount of variety. Equipment can be seen well on the mechs and each monster has a very distinct look that tells you from far away what type it is - which is very good. The campaign is long enough but the difficulty curve is a bit uneven with most of the missions being on the very easy side and only a few being difficult for even casual players While the UI is alright - the customization is lacking. Considering mechs do not exceed 3 hardpoints per side - and some weapons use 2 of them - leaving a single one for a very different weapontype ... it is vexing not to be able to customize weapongroups but being bound to left and right alone. There are not enough maps for the survival mode - leaving rather little to do once the campaign is done. The multiplayermode was bugged for me - meaning ... i did not get it running at all - so no comment there.

Emperor_Unicorn, Dec 21, 2013

It's fun to customize your mech with different parts and weapons, but sadly this game lacks the structure and depth of other tower defense games. That being said, it's still fun to play through at least once. I bought it when it was on sale, and I don't regret it. Never the less, if you're looking for a REALLY good tower defense game, I'd highly recommend Toy Soldiers, Orcs Must Die, Orcs Must Die 2, or Dungeon Defenders.

wrenamon, Aug 18, 2012

Co-op is riddled with game breaking bugs, music seems to be missing entirely. I regret this purchase after spending 2 hours trying to get a coop game running without success. There was clearly no beta testing done for coop.

Blackcompany, Aug 26, 2012

Automatic, obligatory Zero score for using Games for Windows Live. No matter the quality of the game, no one should have to wade through so aggravating and useless a service in order to enjoy a product that has nothing to do with the service they purchased. Buyer beware. This uses GFWL and therefore, i recommend avoiding it entirely.

JimCorbett, Aug 27, 2012

I was really looking forward to this game for a long time. Now that it's out, the lack of effort put into it by Doube Fine is blatant. Co-Op is full of game-breaking bugs and issues. Everytime i would try to join my friends game i would be frozen, unable to move or interact with anything. The one chance i did connect to my friends game, the game would freeze about every 4-5 seconds and a message would come up "losing connection to [player name]" WIth co-op unplayable, i turned my sight to singleplayer, little did i know that it is virtually impossible to get a gold medal solo. With a patch nowhere in sight, i am about to lose hope for this game. Lose a lot of respect for Double Fine on this. It's a disgrace.