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Iron Danger Iron Danger is a tactical combat game with a unique time manipulation mechanic. A never before seen combination that combines the tactical depth of turn-based games with the exciting action of real-time games.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 36
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Tactics
Players No Online Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Action Squad Studios / Action Squad Studios
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Iron Danger reviews ( 5 )

Valtaisarohmy, Mar 25, 2020

Love the athmosphere. Some of the scenes seem breathtaking. The music and sounds fit well. Some scenes seem complex and start to annoy you, but solving them is definetely worth it. I don't know if playing another round brings you anything really new, but gonna let my friends take a shot. I'd also like to see a game like this in a totally different age and world.

Murgraal, Apr3, 2020

Adventure game that is heavily inspired by the TRPG and Puzzle genre, with a unique time-manipulation mechanic that is super rewarding and turns more interesting as you progress through the game and gain more levels. Characters seems interesting, though the dialogue is not always respecting me as the player to figure our what's happening as they are stating pretty obvious stuff. Most of the time it's entertaining and giving you some giggles. The combat takes away the "mistake" factor from the game, you can try and optimize your strategy until you find a way to get out of the situation without taking damage. At first it feels weird but you get the hang of it quite quickly and then it becomes super rewarding. You get upgrades to skills and characters after almost every level, so you have something new to bring to battle each level. I understand that this level approach is kinda weird and old-school for a modern game, but it didn't bother me and the length of the levels and phasing is good. Enemy variation is good, level design seems interesting and diverse, animations seem good and the game looks awesome in 4k with maxed out graphics. The music in the game is very good and brings a lot of atmosphere / character to the different scenarios of the game. I like that they gave the music a big role in this game to set the mood of an level with a wide variety of songs to listen to while finding solutions for your fights. Some people are complaining about lack of character levels and gear to customize and after 3 hours in the game i don't need it, the game has other systems to reward the player. I don't just expect it to be a full blown trpg, if you look at it as a adventure/puzzle game with rpg elements your expectations will more likely get. Highly recommend this game, first chance in a modern game to get a grasp of Finnish folklore and a great job from the studio.

Noobmasser, Mar 25, 2020

The game has found the perfect middle ground between real-time action and turn-based combat. It is difficult to some degree but openheartedly fair. While it is lacking an open world, story branches and an inventory system (which it doesn't need), this is understandable since the core team is much smaller than those of any up-to-date RPGs. Why bother with extra stuff when you have a time-manipulating mechanic which is a total killer? The optimization might have been better though.

Welish, May 24, 2020

Interesting combat mechanic, good story, great lore and awesome voice acting. It took me 17 h to finish it on high difficult. Sometimes it harsh, poor optimized but for the first game in a new studio it's fantastic.

Gamesmag, May 25, 2020

Iron Danger je v mnoha ohledech jin?? hra. To ve skute??nosti pozn??te u?? po p??r vte?�in??ch, kdy hlavn?� hrdinka , mlad?? Kipuna, zem?�e. Jen??e dostane druhou ??anci. Sice mus?� ve sv?� hrudi nosit magick?? st?�ep, ale odm?�nou se j?� st??vaj?� magick?� schopnosti. To ov??em nen?� jedin?�, co je na Iron Danger jin?�ho a inovativn?�ho. Jak toti?? zjist?�te o dal???�ch p??r sekund pozd?�ji, hra nab?�z?� neskute??n?� z??bavn?? a origin??ln?� syst?�m souboj??. ??lomek, kter?? Kipun?� z??stal v hrudi, toti?? dal j?� i jej?�m bl?�zk??m mo??nost manipulovat ??asem. Hr??tky s ??asem Co to v praxi znamen??? V jak?�mkoliv souboji m??te manipula??n?� prostor 5 vte?�in, b?�hem kter??ch m????ete vracet ??as. Mo??n?? to nezn?� tak ????asn?�. Ale ????asn?� to je. I kdy?? to s sebou nese i jist?? negativa. Najednou se p?�ed v??mi otev?�raj?� ??pln?� nov?� br??ny. Hratelnost nab??v?? tak?�ka gigantick??ch rozm?�r??. Pro??? P?�edstavte si to. ????dn?? souboj neprohrajete. Nikdy nezem?�ete. Tedy??� zem?�ete mnohokr??t, ale ne doopravdy, proto??e p?�ece m????ete vracet ??as! Ano, teoreticky je mo??n?� z ka??d?�ho souboje vyv??znout bez ??kr??bnut?�. Proto??e v?�te, kdy a jak v???? oponent za??to???�. Kombat prob?�h?? v jak?�si tahov?� variant?�, ve kter?� pr??v?� m??te mo??nost manipulovat s ??asem. Cel?? recenze na