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Ironclad Tactics Ironclad Tactics is a fast-paced, card-based tactics game set in an alternate version of The Civil War - with steam-powered military robots. There are no microtransactions in the game. Unlock cards by playing the game, not by purchasing them separately.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1478
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Zachtronics Industries / Zachtronics Industries
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Ironclad Tactics reviews ( 6 )

Ragegoat, Jul 10, 2014

Ironclad Tactics is a fun combination of a card game, a board game and a storyline set in the US civil war - with robots (called Ironclads). The game play is focused on deck building as well as playing the combined card/board game, and the storyline is available in co-op. Before each map, you select a deck of cards that you can freely put together from your card collection. As you progress through the game you gain more and more cards to chose from, enabling you to put together more innovative combination. Each card played will influence the happening on the game board. You might put a new ironclad in play, give it better inventory or move it a lane down. Different maps have different objectives, and you will have to find the right deck to defeat each challenge. The story is cute and humorous, but personally I would have liked to see a darker take on robots in the American Civil War. The game offers the full campaign in co-op mode, which worked smoothly and unproblematic when I played it. There are cool, rewarding boss fights which will require you to think outside the box and the missions never get repetitive. The replay value is limited, since you'd be facing the same challenges, probably solving them with the same decks. There are some challenges (which unlock cards) that require you to do things for instance with certain types of decks though, but once that is done, there's no real need to play the map again. All in all a fun game, with an inspired rule set and a story and setting you don't see too often.

blade01, May 20, 2014

Funny game.Youll learn quick how to play and youll get rewarded quickly.There are some nice cards with funny effects.What bothers me is this:There is not that much variation.You can mix up to 2 sets(like army+indians), not more.That prevents you from using too strong combos but at the same time it takes away opportunitys because there are not that many cards available.But all in all the game is solid.Dont expect something that entertains you for days.It lasts for a couple of hours but you will enjoy these hours.The story is fun.

Windry, Sep 20, 2013

The best way I can describe the game play would be like.... Plants vs Zombies, if both sides played Zombies. It took me around 6-7 hours to beat. It was fairly challenging and decently rewarding. It's by the guys who made Space Chem (Space Chem was on of the few puzzle games I couldn't finish, and this game is definitely not as difficult). Unfortunately, like many other puzzle/strategy games this has very little replay value. I was unable to find anyone else on the web to try a PvP match with, but I'm not sure this is the type of game I would want to play against other players. Still, I think $15 is a reasonable price for 6 hours of entertainment from an indie game. Lastly, the story was somewhat lacking, BUT it did have a great ending

zeluszero, Sep 25, 2013

With its grid-based interface, this game is easily comparable to titles such as Plants vs Zombies.Whereas both players have the same objective to gain 5 points worth of your units crossing into enemy borders. As a strategy game is does keep you thinking on what is your next move, but eventually the games too repetitive. However, true to its design, the game keeps its steam punk-ish style and the story is engaging enough to keep you playing for awhile. Multiplayer, however, is slightly broken as few players play it and this makes the game lack replay-ability value. In conclusion, for its relatively low cost of $15+ it may be worth supporting this indie game, but I wouldn't really recommend it unless you are fine playing strategy-intensive turn based games.Using comics to tell the story is relatively a bonus as well.

DRiVER_helsinki, Sep 23, 2014

awwh whatta waste of TIME, i should had listened to everybody, :S should had noticed the lousy interest of valuable critics, and limitation of the personell of the company.

rodericrinehart, Jun 14, 2015

First off, this was not an enjoyable game. The gameplay was bland, the UI was not good, the story seemed slow and stupid. I just didn't like it and I have too many good games to play. I won't even waste my time on mediocre games, and this isn't even that.