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IS Defense A game set in politically-fictional 2020 – where the expansion of ISIS went out of hand. The player takes the role of NATO’s stationary machine-gun operator, deployed to defend the shores of Europe.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 52 / 100
User rating
Downloads 807
Genre Rail, Action, Shooter, Light Gun
Company / Developer
Destructive Creations / Destructive Creations

IS Defense reviews ( 7 )

Shinji-kun, Apr 24, 2016

Really funny shooter I had the time of my life playing. Normally I don't like those defend games but this is somehow really good. The killstreaks are helpful and not really OP. The skillsystem allows you to improve your Chances against the ISIS Members and are really really really needed cause after the first stage it gets a bit tricky :) highly recommend if you like this kind of shooter

Szreder, Apr 20, 2016

IS Defense is a modern take on the old Beach Head games that were popular in arcades all around the world. Game very enjoyable, fast and challenging. You have 2 weapons at your disposal ( MG and a rocket launcher ) and lots of support abilities. As you progress you earn experience points which can unlock numerous skills. Great relaxing game after hard day.

riprusse, Apr 20, 2016

While it's definitely not the GOTY, IS Defense is a very fun and fast paced game. You don't have to think very hard while you play it, but there is a bit of strategy involved when you get upgrades or when to call in support with your killstreak. I really recommend getting it if you like hoard/wave killing games. =D

CDRRider, Jul 23, 2016

Yeah, it's repetitive and yeah, it's a slog. But for the money, good entertainment. Could have been better, but I kept coming back to it. For the price, good graphics and physics.

Tompig, Apr 20, 2016

I have pumped 5 hours into this game since installing it. I have not moved. Brilliant gunplay, very well optimized, an enemy we all love to hate and would love to riddle with bullets any day of the week and fantastic arcade style shooter gameplay. The game is quite short but has a lot of replay value thats to its kick ♥♥♥ leaderboards and I believe I remember the devs saying they were going to add more levels to the game anyway. Do yourself a favor and buy the game. Bonus points if you like your games with a slice of edge to annoy all the SJW's out there. 10/10 would give up my place in social circles again.

Alessi0, Apr 30, 2016

As a game, it is in the style of Terrorist Takedown: you control a fixed-position machine gun and have to shoot everything that appears in front of you. To help you, every X kills you get to call "aids" (health-ammo crates, friendly infantry, artillery strikes, bombing run, a time-limited friendly chopper) - plus, you have a non-temporary levelling system that gives you perks. Overall, right now, it is a short game: only 3 maps, limited sets of enemies (transport boats and ships, basic infantry, suicide runner, 2 kinds of very similar jeeps). Gameplay is fast and entertaining, and not too easy (though, once you get all perks and are experienced, you can theoretically last forever if you focus enough). Graphics is great, sounds are ok though the voices are only in us-english. Mods support has just been delivered, which should enhance its replayability. Overall, a nice quirky little game. For those who like the style, is the most up-to-date game available. At full price (7€, 8$) might be a little too much... but not by far.

Tecnologgamer, May 24, 2016

Good game, really fun. It's a Arcade Game who make you spend a good time in there when you haven't nothing play. Don't care about the negatives reviews. They're a just a lot of retard SJW taking ****