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Jade Empire: Special Edition Step into the role of an aspiring martial arts master and follow the path of the Open Palm or Closed Fist. In this multi-award-winning action-RPG, your choices and actions will determine the fate of an empire. Will you prevent the destruction of this beautiful land or crush it beneath your heel? Are you a warrior who uses strength and fighting mastery to bring peace or will your power bring pain and ruin? Enhanced PC features include: Customizable, intuitive controls including support for game-pads and keyboard/mouse. Increased graphics resolutions and new visual effects. New monsters and enemies. New fighting styles. Improved combat AI and difficulty levels. New world map interface. Jade Empire: Special Edition is exclusively available for the PC and features increased graphic resolutions with new visual effects and fighting styles, as well as new monsters and enemies with enhanced AI. The game also includes customizable, intuitive controls and an all-new art book as part of the Special Edition bonus content. [BioWare]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3206
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
2K Games / BioWare
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Jade Empire: Special Edition reviews ( 5 )

kache, Mar 11, 2011

A little weak on the story at some points, but with amazing gameplay and incredible atmosphere, thanks to the good music and level design. Bioware experience© at it's finest.

AndrewK., Mar 6, 2007

Awesome game, best action RPG I've played since Half life 2. has a truly unique, compelling, and intriguing story line that keeps you wanting to hurry to the end to save Master Li.. In truth you can take your time and finish all the gloriously illustrated and story voice acted NPC interactions of any game yet to come.. This game even compells you to talk to simple peasants due to the chance you may stumble upon some simple quest that may make your character more powerful. The action is simply wonderful, fluid combat moves non turn based real time combat makes this game very challenging, I suggest playing on easy mode your first time through so you can master the martial arts moves on each successive play of this game I suggest raising the level of difficulty as the game itself will change due to your difficulty rating.. Every choice you make allows you to change your alignment towards good or evil.. or possibly neutral if your choices aren't genuinely good or evil.. but selfish. Overall this game gets 10 out of 10 due to the amount of work put into this game to enhance the realism and draw your further into the world that is The Jade Empire.. I can see this game becoming the next World of Warcraft.. or Everquest.. As long as they don't make the MMORPG suck like Matrix online sucked... or Star Wars galaxies.. etc.. (or even FF12's horrid grinding rate.) I'll be playing this game for a long time, hoping and wishing for a Jade Empire MMORPG...

elitepredetor99, Aug 18, 2017

very unexpected game, had low hopes for this game, however this game has surpassed my expectations and surprised me. this game has that linear but big old bioware rpg style which is something very different but fitting. the game was boring for the first 2 hours, however once you gained some levels and got introduced to the great and unique characters the game started to pick up and lead a very deep and interesting quest character and story building. imo this game is definitely one to play the story, characters, quests, gameplay, mechanics will definitely not disappoint.

wiz0floyd, Jun 22, 2011

Great game overall. Had some crashes on Windows 7 and these keep it from scoring higher.Plot: Quite good. Nothing less than what I expected from a Bioware game. Without spoiling it, there's a couple of great surprises that seemed fitting. I never felt like they were contrived or forced.Gameplay: Good. I used Leaping Tiger and the lightning one almost exclusively. Made the boss fights too easy. I'd have expeced the bosses to be immune to support styles. Still fun though.

AlienSpaceBats, Sep 18, 2013

A very short (finished in 11 hours) easy and streamlined RPG for the console market, though it almost seems as though BioWare wanted to make something like Final Fantasy. Gameplay is a mix of real-time hack & slash combat and exploration/dialogue similar to that seen in KOTOR. The story dips at its mid-point, and has little that stands out, but is worth riding out for the excellent final quarter. Can be difficult to invest in and properly role play with the cookie cutter character creation and static game world, which also harms replayability. Nonetheless, a solid game. Worth mentioning: versions purchased on Steam require a checklist of workarounds, particularly on newer machines/OS.