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Jagged Alliance: Flashback Jagged Alliance: Flashback is a tactical turn-based action game where you control and maintain squads of mercenaries off and on the battlefield.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 54 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1256
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic, Tactics
Company / Developer
Full Control ApS , Full Control / Full Control ApS, Full Control

Jagged Alliance: Flashback reviews ( 7 )

Special_K, Oct 25, 2014

First off, the combat and the overall game experience in this game is really, really good. The AI is competent, the numerous weapons feel powerful and deadly. The environments are interesting and good looking, the portraits and merc personalities are great, the music is excellent and really sets the mood and pacing, and the sound design, especially on the weapons, is meaty and loud, and hits you right in the gut - like firearms are supposed to. Yes, there are still some rough edges, but these will be ironed out by the developers; updates have been released almost every day since release - based on testing and community feedback. And yes, some die-hard JA2 1.13 fans have been complaining about Flashback not having the same amount of features as the old games. But this game was never intended to be a clone or a remake of 1.13; that mod has been honed and fine tuned over a period of more than a decade, and the initial budget for Flashback would never be able to incorporate all that. But the core game experience is there. It's solid and fun, and the modding community seems to be really positive about the future potential of making something akin to a modern take of 1.13. Instead of complaining about missing features, people should be focusing on what this game does well and whether it's a good and fun gaming experience at its core. And it IS! Just look at Shanga's positive review above/below. He was one of the guys behind the JA2 1.13 mod. If HE is positive about the game and its future modding potential, that should count for a lot. TLDR; If you're looking for a great, tactical, and turn-based experience, this is the game for you. And it will only get better in the future - with both solid developer support and solid modding activity. I'm giving this a 9 based on the overall game experience combined with the future potential for making that even better through modding.

Wizzer, Oct 23, 2017

First of all this is not Jagged Alliance 3, nor is it a 2014 version of Jagged Alliance 2. It is a prequel to Jagged Alliance (1). The main focus of the developer seems to have been the tactical combat (and allowing for modding - see below), and the tactical part is pretty solid - I absolutely love the fact that rifles and sniper rifles are less accurate at short range, thereby leaving a niche for handguns and submachineguns in the later game. The game has a decent selection of weapons, from the lowly .38 revolver to awe inspiring sniper rifles and lmgs. Also a solid attachments system has been added, allowing you to attach scopes, expanded magazines, bipods, duckbills and other stuff to your weapon of choice. While the graphics are not revolutionary they do look very crisp and show solid craftmanship. The music is quite catchy and very late 1980s ad while the gunshots are a bit flat, I think that the voice acting is very good and close to the spirit of the two former games. There is a wide selection of mercenaries to choose from (both new and younger versions of merc from JA and JA2), and I've come accross many personal favorites such as Ice, Ivan, Lynx, Magic, Buzz and even Mike. Also IMP is in so you may design your own custom mercenary. The game shows amazing modding potential and depending on your ambitions posibilities range from very simple (editing JSON files) to very complex (using Unity3d).ø0 I find myself spending more and more time with Jagged Alliance Flashback, and while it is not perfect and certainly no updated version of JA2, it is a solid game and one of my favorites right now.

Shanga, Oct 24, 2014

Jagged Alliance: Flashback is about 20 hours of enjoyable tactical combat. The quest system, UI, dialogues, shops, are merely at prop state and not on par with anything JA2 wise. Combat, armor and weapon on the other hand are right there at the top. Do not be fooled by the apparent lack of AI tactics you might encounter during your first fights. As its predecessor, JA:F has at least three groups of enemy, with different tactics and gear. Sometimes those groups can be mixed together, so yes, one "Ellliot" might run with his bare chest towards your guns, but he's just the village idiot sent to scout for the elites hiding behind. And those elites will try to outflank your cover. And rush you out of any comfortable defences you may think you've found. Just because they don't wear yellow, red and black shirts doesn't mean all of Prince's soldiers are retards. You've been warned. Another amazing layer of this game is the weapon simulation. Albeit still lacking attachments (expected in first free expansion), the weapons are better than in any JA2 game. Maybe not perfectly balanced yet, but including an essential "Holy Grail" element that eluded all developers, including the original JA crew. Full Control managed to code in attributes that control the ENTIRE range of bonuses and penalties a weapon should have. No longer you are going to throw away your Colt or your MP5 when you get your first AK or your first Dragunov. Nope, you're going to hold on to them and give them names and hold them dear. Because while those cool sniper rifles might give you a lot of fun doing headshots and massive criticals, your humble backup weapon is the one who will save your pretty face from being shot up badly. How so? Full Control coded in an elegant solution that gives high power rifles a nasty close range penalty. So you managed a headshot 10 tiles away with an AWP? Good for you, try that from 1 tile away if you dare. You'll shoot for the moon and be left standing with no action points while the AI laughs and puts 3-4 bullets in your silly head. With his pew pew Smith & Wesson. And wait, it's not over yet. Weapons now have actual muzzle velocity and damage drop-off factors. Meaning you can actually simulate the difference between a 5.56×45mmNATO bullet and and a 7.62x39mm bullet like never before. Yes, your M16 will be more accurate over longer ranges than your AK-47. But your AK-47 will still smash through the enemy body armor and do massive damage, while that tiny 5.56 might not. And finally, the cherry on the top. Burst fire and full-auto fire. Yes, the devs are yet to finely tune these modes, but boy... they're fun as they are. Because this is a 3d environment. And there are material resistances simulated. And yes, a bullet can fly through 2-3 enemies if coming from a high power rifles or close enough range. Ever heard about Spray-and-Pray? Well, now you'll feel like those prayers are finally heard. Just wait for that ideal clump of enemies trying to rush on you. And let it rip from your RPK machine gun... You never witnessed the power of a LMG like you're about to see in JA:F. And again, if they catch you at close range and you're 1 vs 4, that LMG won't save you. You will cry if you threw away your trusty Uzi or MP5, that sweet, lower damage and such low AP backup weapon. So you see, this is what Full Control delivered. And this is where those KS funds went into. It was clear they won't have the funds to make ALL dreams come true. And they had to make a choice. Do we release the game with pretty UI graphics, nice RPG stuff and stupid combat? Or viceversa? I for one I am glad they took combat first. That doesn't mean better graphics, nicer UI and more JA2 features won't come. They will. For the patient. If played JA2 for eye candy and because you liked to explore and role play, do not buy JA:F yet. Give it a few months until it's ready for you. If you played JA2 because it was the best squad based TBS ever made, you're very close to getting the best game in this franchise. For you, Full Control is working full steam (no pun intended) to add the finishing touches to an already solid experience: attachments, AP/HE ammo, proper shotguns, overall fine-tuning of the weapons and final bugfixing of stealth systems. When the later part is ready, you will see why JA:F has view cones, night/dusk/dawn LoS penalties and an integrated hearing system. Ironman mode, M5P with silencer, anyone? I'd give JA:F 7.5 now just because they brought combat in the JA franchise to a whole new level. The day they finish adding all the promised features, this game won't need my review anyway, it will be a straight 10 on everyone 's mind.

clarky, Oct 27, 2014

I just ALT+F4 out of it in annoyance. The enemy goes prone behind a block and you cannot actually shoot at him (No line of sight) and yet, he can lie behind that block, and shoot through it with ace accuracy. At the same time, a guy will run up to you, and he is at the next tile. In other words, at point blank range, you have a 51% chance of shooting someone in the face or a 21% change of punching him in the face. If you miss, your character is basically dead. This is not fun in the slightest. Good attempt but a total failure.

Thrillseeker, Oct 23, 2014

This is a game that made me create an account here, simply because i was baffled about its high user score and lack of warning for potential buyers. Flashback - made by people who claim they loved the originals and were so disappointed that no company made a proper sequel they decided to do it themselves. Thing is, they missed the mark by as much as you can possibly miss it. The game is truly bad, and this is coming from someone who doesn't mind playing bugged or not-so-pretty games as long as they have something going for them. This fails on virtually every level. Graphics. I know in a tactical game it doesn't matter all that much especially for fans of the genre. I agree with that. Problem is this game looks truly bad, think Silent Storm (which is over 10 years old, remember!) but not as pretty or as detailed. Add to that unreasonable system requirements and choppy framerate even at high end computers. The menus and ui look bland, font is poorly chosen, game view doesn't cut away walls, trees or any other obstacles so you constantly rotate the camera to see anything, which more often that not barely helps. It's just bad. Sound is there, that's about the only positive thing about it. Gunshots are most likely chosen from some cheap sounds library off the internet, character voices are mostly okay, especially the ones with accents. That being said some are truly horrific, for example 'Spirit' - she sounds like a broken cyborg from an old movie. Somewhat redeeming here is the music, which in some places is really nice, even if it isn't the kind you'd listen to outside of the game. It does the job and adds to the atmosphere. Gameplay. Oh dear me. This is the worst thing about the game. I don't mind streamlining features and simplifying combat for the sake of more fluid and faster paced action, i very much like UFO: Enemy Within. Problem is, this is much simpler technically and worse in pretty much every aspect. Enemy AI is shocking, they use maybe four tactics to... well, i don't really know what they're trying to do, because it isn't winning fights - of that i'm sure. They either run straight at your guys who are prone and mowing them down one after another, or they stay miles back outside your sight range and take 0% hitchance potshots at You, or, most sensibly, they sometimes will go prone near cover and try to duke it out. Even if they have a pistol and that cover is 20 tiles away from you which does them no good at all. There are times when one bright spark will accidentally find decent cover at an angle and is able to hit your men, but i suspect that's purely by chance that the cover was there and he just happened upon it, not that he chose it as a tactically viable position. Sometimes they run back and forth like headless chicken, out of cover, few steps here or there and then back behind the same cover without even firing. It's embarrasing and sad to watch, and the only way they can harm you is by attrition and the fact that sometimes, especially early on, you simply cannot kill them fast enough even as they run at your much better armed squad. Now, weapon balance. For the most part it isn't actually so bad, except... If, like me, you happen to find a M82A1 Barrett on 4th map (!!!), you'll think to yourself 'aha, now you evil soldiers are so dead you won't even know how dead you'll be when i kill you with my silly powerful rifle!', and you'll be sadly mistaken. .50 cal sniper rifle is barely more effective than an old Russian RPK light machinegun. There is no tactical depth, cover system is unintuitive and badly implemented - in XCOM your guys peeked out to fire and went back smoothly and sensibly. Here this doesn't happen, if You hide behind high cover You have to get out, shoot and go back wasting points and time on moving and turning towards enemy every single damn time. It's tedious, unnecessary and makes no sense. There is also no height advantage to be had, stealth is virtually non-existant unless You count going around building and shooting enemies in the back during combat itself. Inventory is not bad suprisingly, but stats, skills and all the information are crammed into that one screen which just goes to show the lack of depth. The game is barren, item descriptions are barely there, weapon names are of course fake and not as funny as developer thought they would be. There is also plenty of typos and the whole game feels clunky, cursors get stuck all the time, there is no quicksave system and the whole thing feels like an early beta. One positive thing i suppose is the fact that i haven't encountered any game-breaking bugs with quests being stuck etc. Summing up, this is one of the worst tactical games i've ever played, and more insulting when you consider it bears Jagged Alliance logo. Even worse, you pay full price for a game that feels unfinished at best. If you like tactical shooters stick to old JA2, Silent Storm, 7.62 High Calibre with Blue Sun Mod or even XCOM. I wish i had.

snakesanders, Oct 24, 2014

Одназначно, недоразумение года по моей личной версии. Недоделанная игра, огрызок гейпмлея и близко не валявшийся рядом с великой второй частью, которая была взята за ориентир. Именно "как в старом добром втором+некоторые фичи из 1.13" обещали разработчики. А на деле? Мы получили нечто, уступающее игровому процессу даже первой части jagged alliance-а , вышедшей в 1994 году. Очень сложно поверить, что эти скромные с виду, мило улыбающиеся нерды из Дании, так жестко кинули всех донатеров, проедая и пропивая сначала овер 380к $, а потом еще надкусив пирога с раннего доступа. И еще сейчас поживятся на бренде серии. Кучу всего нериализовано, что было обещано. Наемники из второй части, которые никаким образом не могут быть на острове, если следовать канонам вселенной 9(какой ,нафиг, бык в Сан ♥♥♥♥♥♥манос, если у него во второй части 1 уровень опыта (он новичек организации), он не был в первой части , и вообще, не имел боевого опыта до Арулько?!), вместо более логичных ветеранов первой серии... Ворох вопросов по гейплею, кучу наплевательски выпеленых фич, которые божились сделать. Позор. Кидалово. Эпик фэйл. Выкидыш огрызка игры (это все еще альфа версия, по хорошему), дурной тон. Тоны кирпичей.

AussieBloke, Dec 14, 2014

This game was released feature incomplete, it is lacking all of the attributes of a title in the Jagged Alliance franchise. The combat is boring and repetitive, the AI is stupid, the camera and arena sizes are tiny, the overall map is small, the interactions between mercs do not really exist, the list goes on .. Also, modders have colluded to manipulate metacritic and steam reviews, because they have an agreement with the publisher to deliver missing functionality and content .. ultimately via paid DLCs This is an awful mess both in terms of delivery and end product. Buyer beware.