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JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters Experience an intense modern flight action sim in JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 50 / 100
User rating
Downloads 839
Genre Action, Simulation, Flight, Combat
Company / Developer
Maximum Family Games / Trickstar Games

JASF: Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters reviews ( 7 )

freemangl, Aug 10, 2013

飞行模拟就是手感和真实度。 太真实的失去了可玩性,而这个游戏的手感和真实度做得恰到好处,就是UI设计上稍微弱了点,但细节(但我更看重是Jane's的细节:导弹没有锁的时的飞不准,画面的确不如HAWX,不过就飞机的模型,质感,手感,镜头表现(高速飞行时候的镜头晃动),飞行的气动性,速度,比例大小,导弹的飞行“行为模式”(导弹的“行为模式”很真:发射空对地导弹后,导弹会沿着近地飞行(真实就是这样,为了不被反导雷达发现),然后绕过障碍物击中目标。)都比HAWX好啊。)还是可以看出游戏公司很用心,太多细节是我从来没有体验过的。包括HAWX,皇牌空战7等等。 简要的说下我自己的游戏特色体会:(优点) 超过30架现代飞机,后期可以解锁到实验性战机 只要完成任务解锁的飞机,前面的关卡也可以用新飞机从玩 多人游戏包括全程合作通关(当然你必须购买正版) 超大的无缝地图,超过65,000平方千米,地图包括海洋、城市、以及各种工业设施 飞机模型做的飞船细致,质感、效果很好 飞机速度、比例完全按照真实比例,不像HAWX,飞机做得很大,而且速度慢。 飞机的气动性感觉很真实,操作手感极好,镜头表现也非常不错(高速飞行时候的镜头晃动) 导弹的“行为模式”是其他飞行游戏中从未体验到的,比如一种地对空导弹,发射导弹会沿着近地飞行(真实就是这样,为了不被反导雷达发现),然后绕过障碍物击中目标。) 超远的攻击距离,不同的导弹可以在10-30千米就能锁定目标发射,比较真实 游戏支持多种控制设备,用XBOX360手柄的控制感极好 总的来说,Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters(简氏高级攻击机)的细节,玩家手感体验做得极好。决定值得拥有。 缺点: 地图的贴图精度有些低,地面模型尚可(部分模型有些粗糙,不过想到这个游戏主要表现空战,这点缺点完全可以忽略啊) 游戏UI设计一般,画面有些人可能觉得稍显过时 游戏不支持鼠标,如果你只有键盘鼠标,就只能用键盘了 在一些评分网站看到有此游戏的恶评,我只想说评分的人根本没有认真好好体会游戏中的各种细节表现,而就凭上面的一些缺点就给出了负面主观判断。完全埋没了此游戏。 各种摇杆都可以用。游戏的预置的摇杆配置文件,都能很好的识别。

8ung, Nov 9, 2011

First: It's an arcade game. Don't expect something even remotely similar to classic survey or entry-level sims like Jane's ATF, NF, IAF or USAF, which were released between 1995 and 1999. You would be disappointed, big time! It's basically a bad H.A.W.X or Ace Combat Clone, which worse graphic and gameplay than the originals. The game is only about 1 GB big, which explains blurry texture and dated graphics. The missions and gameplay is very uninspired, you shoot dozens of generic missiles at red squares until the healthbar of the target object is gone.

Badman123, Aug 8, 2014

Abusing a classic franchise in order to reach a mainstream audience? Where did we hear that one before? Shame on Jane's. They didn't even release an official patch for this thing they call a game.

Aropredator, Nov 8, 2013

Don't ever buy this stupid game. Even for arcade game, not even got good game play as H.A.W.X or Ace Combat series. Jane's used to make great combat flight sim games long time ago but this one is total crap.

Danbri, Jan 13, 2014

I dunno about JASF, but every time I pass by it at the game store the font and close resemblance tricks me into thinking it's Jet Set Radio Future (but on modern consoles) and that pisses me off every time it's not. I'm glad it's a terrible game anyway.

bigsilverhotdog, Mar 9, 2012

Arcade piece of garbage, usurping the name of Jane's to sell some copies but it has nothing in common with it's name or even with good games. Bad graphics, repetitive gameplay, absurd story, laughable presentation, and quality is a joke. This game does nothing well, or even acceptably, and consequently it gets a zero. Avoid it at all costs.

C4Chaos42, Mar 23, 2012

Horrible console port. This game doesn't even support the mouse, advanced gfx options, hard capped at 30fps and has a mind of its own when flying your plane.