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Jaws Unleashed In Majesco's Jaws, players assume the role of a Great White shark driven to a predacious frenzy by the sonic emanations of underwater oil drilling equipment. To defend their underwater territory, players undertake a campaign to drive the raiders away while simultaneously solving a series of action-based puzzles designed to thwart the player. Taking the game to realistic heights is Appaloosa's advanced game engine that produces stunning underwater visuals and realistic physics that enable the Great White to perform a variety of leaping, twisting assaults, thus rendering havens such as dive platforms and boats vulnerable to attack. [Majesco]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 57 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1182
Genre Action, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Majesco Games , Majesco / Appaloosa Interactive

Jaws Unleashed reviews ( 4 )

JaredJones, Nov 6, 2007

I fail to see why this got such low scores. It's perfect, the graphics are so cheesy it's great! My computer has been screaming for something other that a F.P.S. (First Person Shooter) with high detail gore. This is what I needed, a T.P.E. (Third Person Eater) L.O.L. (Laugh Out Loud) Thanks "Majesco Entertainment" and "Appaloosa Interactive".

lukechristiansc, Apr 12, 2014

Jaws is one the shark legends in mankind the movie is amazing . but there new creation of there new game Jaws: Unleashed is better then ever its thrilling , epic , and awsome . i cant wait to play it Grade A+

LevelFear, Nov 25, 2017

DasSaffe brought me here. Biggest **** talker on the western side of the eastern hemisphere. This game is a 5/7. Would buy! 10 out of 10. HYPE! 111111elf

PeterT., Aug 27, 2006

The game, I personely think, has all the attributes of jaws the origanal and being the ocean going predator is fantastic. No flaws as i could see, people keep going on about the dodgy camera but i personely favour it to manuel camera and the controls are easy to use and quick to get the hang of.