Joint Operations: Escalation Crack/Patch

Joint Operations: Escalation The conflict in Indonesia has spilled over to other parts of Asia where rebel troops have gained support in the war against Joint Ops Forces. Set against the lush backdrop of South East Asia, enlist once more to take part in intense large scale modern FPS combat, in games of up to 150 players online. Use new weapons, vehicles, team tactics and strategic gameplay to dominate the battlefield. An expansion pack to "Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising." [NovaLogic]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1162
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Tactical
Players 64+
Company / Developer
NovaLogic / NovaLogic

Joint Operations: Escalation reviews ( 3 )

cyanghost109, Mar 26, 2011

Even better than the original! The game features more, better looking textures, maps, weapons and more! The graphics seem to be somewhat improved and the gameplay is more balanced out. Perfect game for any gamer! Worth the buy! Just NOTE that you will need to buy "Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising" before you can play this one. ;)

AlbertJ., Jun 8, 2005

Best overal, weapons vehicles , could be improved if you could pick- up dead enemy's weapons and ammo. instead from armories from enemies positions with us weapons.

RoyP, Oct 7, 2009

Most underrated game of all time, still playing after 5 years, every Sunday in 100 to 160 player organized Battles. Custom maps every week. Best bang for your buck.