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Joint Task Force Joint Task Force portrays a future that could easily become reality: In 2007, neither the US, UN nor NATO have the power to pacify the numerous combat hot spots blazing around the globe. To quell the global rise of terrorism, dictators and insurgents, Western Leaders create the Joint Task Force – an ultramodern and highly elite military squad. The player takes control of the JTF to combat various oppressive regimes around the world. [HD Publishing]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 817
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Modern, Tactics
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Sierra Entertainment / HD Interactive, Most Wanted Entertainment

Joint Task Force reviews ( 6 )

MattH., Sep 24, 2006

I think the reviewers are crazy, lazy, or bad at RTS games. I cannot believe the nonsense I am reading. It's at least as good as Act of War, and certainly as good as Generals. Also, no review mentions you can play the single player campaign co-op with a friend.

Bob, Sep 17, 2006

This game is good fun, but nothing special. I was slightly put off by the demo, but bought the full game because I like the way your soldiers can rank up if they make it thru the missions. Graphics are good, and I am certainly enjoying this game, but I think it will get overlooked as people rush to buy CoH.

akarnokd, Feb 26, 2015

Ever since its release, I haven't seen any modern-combat strategy game that got close to Joint Task Force (I didn't like the modern mod for Company of Heroes). The game looks surprisingly detailed after all these years and run always fine. The campaign is mostly bug-free, although the music goes away if I fail a mission and I have to restart the game. The other thing, which might be an exploit or a deliberate design choice are the civilian cars: usually there are plenty of them to block off paths so the AI gets stuck behind them and I can effortlessly win the map. This is most apparent on the final map where the enemy vehicles are so numerous that I don't know how to win without this strategy. The music tracks are aming my all-time favorite game music tracks, I like the music of the main menu and the credits.

Zzzz, Oct 6, 2006

6.5 would be my more accurate impression. Multiplayer is a ripoff of DoW, too much micromanagement. CoH have raised the bar. My tanks in JTF drive around chain link fences. After playing CoH the new expectation is that they should have driven over the fences. Same thing happens in real life. Car in the way? Should be crushed. Instead, they try to drive around it. Unit ranges are a good touch Gameplay is very old school, like generals and eve classic C&C, basically tank rushing or artillery bombarment. Not much strategy per se. Whereas in CoH, I really enjoyed the mini tactical battles that often play out, like taking tanks down with infantry, and sniper vs sniper showdowns.

Jacobs, Mar 31, 2013

Wonderful game, wonderful game world. High PC requirements. You better play on desktop. I recommend it so much if you have good PC. Attention war is coming

DevilDog2027, Dec 12, 2010

I give this a 1 the single player is good for an old game how ever if you are wanting it for MULTIPLAYER there is none. The company no longer exists if you try to get help from them the web site shuts down I thought it was a problem with my internet. When i determined that was not the case i contacted valve about the problem they said I had to contact the orignal company. That is how i found out there is no company its just false advertising if you want it for single player good for you multiplayer look some where else.