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Jotun Jotun is a hand-drawn action-exploration game set in Norse mythology. In Jotun, you play Thora, a Viking warrior who died an inglorious death and must prove herself to the Gods to enter Valhalla. Impress the Gods.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1591
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
Thunder Lotus Games / Thunder Lotus Games

Jotun reviews ( 7 )

will824, Jan 10, 2017

Jotun is a fantastic game, with beautifully draw graphics and an amazingly interesting story. It is one of those games you can say its not only about fun but learning as well. It is a relatively short game but that is not a negative point. The challenge is average and it provides insight and tactic combat. I would love RPGs creators to take ideas used in Jotun, like the graphics and animations. This is one of the art that I keep missing from recent titles. A cartoon animation fits this game wonderfully. By means if you enjoy hand drawn graphics and action/adventure games, Jotun is one of those titles that you would remember for some time.

Vicente_ao, Apr 13, 2016

Jotun es un juego bien hecho. Bien logrado. Ambientado en la mitología escandinava (mi favorita), nos cuenta la historia de Thora, una vikinga que muere ahogada, sin honor, pero que los Dioses le dan una oportunidad de impresionarlos y para eso ella debe enfrentarse a los poderosos Jotun (Gigantes). El juego es corto, deberás pasar 2 etapas por "mundo" y luego enfrentarte al Jotun jefe de la zona, a excepción del primer jefe que solo tiene 1 etapa. Las etapas en general no tienen enemigos, pero si puedes encontrar ciertos peligros que te pueden matar, como asaltos de gigantescos monstruos, o verte en un entorno totalmente hostil. La finalidad de recorrer estas etapas es la de encontrar la Runa que permitirá abrir la puerta para poder enfrentarte al Jotun y además se enfoca en poder explorar la zona para encontrar bendiciones de los Dioses (poderes) y las manzanas de Idunn que te aumentarán la vida total. Ahora bien, los escenarios poseen puzzles simples, pero entretenidos y el apartado visual del juego junto con la Música van muy a tono, entregándo una gran experiencia para el jugador. El otro punto fuerte (y que tenía que serlo) es la de los jotun, tanto su diseño como la forma en la que tendrás que combatirlos es simplemente épica, aunque la mecánica de pelea es super simple, deberás esforzarte bastante para poder derrotarlos (hubo un Jotun en particular que me costó muchísimo). Una vez que hayas derrotado a los 5 Jotun, deberás verte cara a cara contra un Dios y así ganarte tu lugar en el valhalla y que tambíen es una pelea un tanto exigente, hasta que pude finalmente dar con la mejor forma de encararlo. En resumen, es un juego entretenido, corto, enfocado en explorar y enfrentar Bosses, con un bello apartado visual, excelente animación y música, además los personajes hablan en un idioma escandinavo (no reconozco cual es), pero que debo recomendar principalmente a quienes conozcan un poco de la mitología nórdica, porque si no sabes nada de nada, muchas cosas no signifcarán nada para ti, en cambio yo por ejemplo disfrute DEMASIADO, ver plasmado a una especie de Surt el jotun de fuego por ejepmplo, o ser atacado por la serpiente Jörmundgander, o ver Ratatösk y a Níðhöggr, recorrer el Yggdrasil, pasearme por Niðavellir o por Muspelheim. Realmente los disfrute a concho, espero que sigan saliendo más juegos ambientados en esta tan rica mitología. Que mejoraria? bueno obviamente hubiese sido mejor haber tenido 10 bosses y no 5, por decir algo, uno queda con ganas de más y mucho más, ese sería el aspecto negativo que le daría al juego. 8.8/10

JinReview, Jun 27, 2017

Engulfed in Norse mythology, Jotun is an action-adventure game with a hand-drawn visual style. This art style is something that makes Jotun feel more unique but the overall art in the game isn’t very coherent as the large characters look completely different from the small characters and backgrounds. That aside I really enjoyed Jotun’s visual take of these mythical Norse worlds. The sound design is very immersive, not only due to the quality of the sound effects or music, but because the team took a step further and delivered fantastic narration in Icelandic. Jotun’s gameplay is divided between action and adventure, because in order to reach and fight each stage boss, the Jotun, you first need to explore the multiple levels. These levels do not only greatly reward you for exploring, due to the hidden God Powers and Golden Apples that are not required to finish the game but are highly recommended, but the levels also prepare you for your fight with the Jotun, introducing the new different mechanics and hazards that then will be used by the bosses. And even though most of the levels have a lot of enemies for you to fight, the Jotuns are where the action really takes place with these massive creatures having unique themes and attacks and truly taking a lot of effort and time to defeat. Sometimes the game can feel a little bit punishing as you can die from the simplest mistake, forcing you to replay the last five minutes, requiring the player to learn and master each Jotun and finally defeating him feels so rewarding. In terms the plot there isn’t much to speak of. The story in Jotun is simple but it gains strength due to all of the mystery surrounding why the main character is in this strange place performing these godly tasks. I really enjoyed the sections of the game that explored more into the Norse mythology, for example when the game tells you the story of how the first gods and the first giants were born and how our world was created. • Final thoughts Take caution as Jotun is a very challenging game and demands a strong will from the player, exploring the levels requires patience and fighting the Jotuns proves to be a real feat. Dying for a bad dodge and being forced to replay this long fights from the start is a bit too punishing but of course without this challenge the game would be really simple. Jotun is an immersive and gorgeous game, a must play for all of those who like Norse mythology and a great challenge.

baalmahdi, Oct 3, 2015

Absolutely Charming and Wonderful experience. I want deeper story, and more lovable main character, but the overall experience is worth te full price of the game. The animation is unique and fantastic, the music and sound is good, the game-play is little slow but smooth, and the Boss fights are memorable.

Alseiz, Jul 9, 2017

nice artstyle and compelling story, also good voiceacting but boring music, slow paced fights and terrible movement, User Inferace is confusing as well as the map which fails to give a sense to where you are and where you are going

Mykwon, Jul 14, 2017

Best mehh game of 2015. Special award for the most useless map ever seen in a game. .................................................................

Mefun, Sep 30, 2017

Qualified artstyle, nice music, that's all. This game sucks with right-click to perform the strong attack, every time u right click, u must wait a century for the attack to finish.