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Journal Enter the pages of the hand painted world of Journal. A journey through the life of a young and troubled girl as she tries to face up to the choices and responsibilities that come with childhood. An experience that questions the reliability of how we choose to remember events and explores the truths hidden within our dreams.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 861
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Lupus Studios Limited / Locked Door Puzzle

Journal reviews ( 4 )

hellznrg, Nov 17, 2014

This is a game you will either love or hate.. it really depends on YOU. I for one liked this game. Short & sweet, good piano music, good atmosphere, good voices and dialogue. It's basically an interactive story.

richard_lowenth, Mar 2, 2014

This is different from everything I have ever played. In spite of being short, I was fascinated by the story and what an ending! If you like new gaming experiences, you must try this out! Nice dialogues!

hfffoman, May 4, 2014

This is more a story than a game though it has freedom of navigation and dialogue choices which are important as the game is basically a dialogue. The story is moving and psychologically mature making it well worth playing, but be warned everything else about the game is very basic and there are some gross programming errors where obsolete dialogue options aren't removed from the menus. The developers could fix this in 10 minutes. I also recommend The White Chamber by the same person. In my view it is equally good and was released free 10 years ago.

tvkiki, Feb 20, 2014

This isn't a game for masses, not a first person shooter with high quality graphics. It isn't a whole world of role-playing with monsters, weapons and magic. This isn't a strategy game with huge armies to control. If you only play games because of these, then back away slowly from this game. This is just a simple story about a young girl, and how she struggles with some events in her life. With all the Telltale Games (Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us) interactive stories are becoming more and more and more popular. This game is not that great neither with story, neither with gameplay, neither with graphics, but it crawls into your heart. In it's 1-2 hour gameplay, you control a girl and have to rebuild her somehow-erased journal, walking through the sketchy, but beautiful hand-drawn pages of the journal. I have to admit the surroundings and 3D elements could have been made better, but the journal parts were weird in a lovely way and the narrating circus parts were just magnificent. I think indie game maker, Richard Perrin, did a great job with this game's story. You are in a fog the whole game, you don't know the most important thing, and it is seldomly mentioned. The game focuses on speaking to other character, and deciding how the girl should behave. There are a couple of bigger decisions, but you can't change the major storyline. Because you are a little girl nobody wants to tell you anything, your parents don't want to tell you why they separated, plus you have troubles at school, struggling with anxiety, and depending on how you behave with your friends will decide how they treat you in the end. Just like in real life. The story deals with these things, which might seem difficult even for an adult, but how these things are even more difficult for a child. Meanwhile there is another storyline with shadow figurines, which at first might seem like it has nothing to do with our young girl, but in the end integrates slowly into her life. I highly recommend this game, although as I mentioned it before, not for anyone who can't appreciate a simple but makes-you-think story.