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Juiced Juiced, as in life, is all about the car. Style comes in a close second to speed, and Juiced offers thousands of real-time modding combinations that empower players to create their ultimate personality-infused street machines. But it takes more than a fresh coat of pearlescent paint to earn respect on the road; it takes the ball bearings to go up against the trash-talking, nitrous- burning faithful who want to strip everyone of their cash, cars and pride. Juiced lets players connect with their community and share the high-octane action by recruiting drivers to become part of their crew and race together as a team to put the brakes on the competition. Features more than 50 licensed vehicles, including Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Dodge, Ford, Mazda Mitsubishi, Pontiac, Holden, Volkswagen, Fiat, Renault, Subaru, Peugeot and Chevrolet; Hundreds of authentic aftermarket parts from leading manufacturers such as A'PEXi, AEM, Bridgestone, Ferodo, Konig, Alpine and HKS that provide players with thousands of personalized vehicle customization combinations; Progressive, non-linear gameplay that enables players to build their characters and cars, and gain respect and notoriety by winning races and cash; Unique blending of simulation and the high-octane appeal of arcade-style racing; Ability to build custom racing crews that work together as a team to win races; Authentic car physics and damage; and Online head-to-head play. [Acclaim]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 775
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, GT / Street, Automobile
Players 6 Online
Company / Developer
THQ / Juice Games

Juiced reviews ( 5 )

SlyParkour, Oct 11, 2017

Very solid racer that still holds up today, awesome music, tight controls, memerable opponents and an interesting campaign overall. For me this is a solid 10!

gamerplays3, Aug 28, 2015

this is the best and needs to have 10/10 **** the critic most of 'em get paid any ways must have not got paid dat much i love this game for years and years i been playing it still the best need for speed not as good as juiced and never will be

shArk87, Jun 10, 2017

I bought the game back in 2005 when it came out. It was when i bought my first PC ever, the Computer came with NFS underground. NFS career mode was tiny, so i had to buy a new game. Juiced was my first ever videogame purchase. Firstly it hadn't a story like NFS underground but the game dives you so deep. The faces when throwing bets i still have memories. racing with teammates, controlling their agressivity. And that car rooster, tuning options, handling, it was superb. Way ahead of it's time. Even now, there isn't a racing game like that. Too bad there won't be a Juiced 3 but i contributed back in 2005, at least i could help a bit. Devs, thanks for this awesome game, i played it for months straight. Certainly a 10/10 never got frustrated with this game, i just remember having so much fun

ASGaming21, Feb 12, 2015

Another take on the Need For Speed series. Juiced is an excellent racing game with great graphics and car customization. I managed to play online on this before GameSpy shut down. When i saw the Acclaim version, I liked the crashes but THQ never gave us that. I tried the crashing but there were no flips or anything. Oh well, never mind. I recommend buying it

DavidD., Oct 12, 2005

Okay, so they did add a damage system to NFS Underground, a game I seriously like and something it needed, (+1 respect) but that doesn't save it from the weird team system (-1 respect), the ripping off from NFSU (-1 respect) and especially the enigmatic respect system (-2 respect).