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Just Cause 2 Developed by Avalanche Studios, Just Cause 2 finds Rico Rodriguez returning in an epic open-world adventure set in the diverse tropical playground of Panau in South East Asia, where the aim is to cause chaos and destruction in a way that only Rico knows how! His mission is to destabilize the island and free it from the tyranny of the evil dictator, Baby Panay. Players tackle missions and objectives in any way they want while exploring the highly-detailed and beautiful island by land, sea or air, performing an insane range of new daredevil stunts and mastering the use of the all new grappling hook and Rico's trademark parachute. [Eidos Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 7509
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, Open-World
Company / Developer
Square Enix / Avalanche Studios

Just Cause 2 reviews ( 7 )

NorthKozar, Dec 28, 2012

The problem and why I think this game has such mixed reviews is that people are focusing on one aspect of the game in their review and getting bogged down in it. The fun to Just Cause 2 is how open it is and what all it provides for you to do. Yes, if you focus solely on collecting the stupid collectables, you will get bored (it does get pretty boring) but you don't have to do that, nor do you have to focus solely on the missions. The main point to Just Cause 2 is to "cause chaos," a seemingly cliche way to tell the player to do whatever the heck they want to blow stuff up and have fun to progress to further missions. I've played over 150 hours and still found new, fun things to mess around with, the most recent being grappling a truck to a helicopter and swinging it around to the speed that it starts swinging my helicopter around. Basically, it comes down to this: If you're into games that push you (the player) to make decisions about how you want to play the game and to make the game fun and unique to you (whether you fast travel everywhere, drive and take in the gorgeous sights, or hijack helicopters and fly everywhere), you will enjoy this game. If you enjoy open world exploration and the freedom to try crazy ridiculous stuff, you'll enjoy this game. However, if you're looking for a strict, linear, engaging story telling experience, you probably won't enjoy this game. If you're looking for a realistic portrayal of physics and gunplay, you probably won't enjoy this game. Personally, I find the game's story to be absurd and insane -- which I feel is the point. I think they wanted to focus more on the content and free-roaming nature and I feel they did a very good job of that and it got me on board with the crazy storyline. The voice acting adds to this ridiculousness, it's almost that they don't want you to take the story seriously, and so that's how I approached it. My personal opinion is the negative reviews this game is receiving are because players are expecting the game to tell them or show them explicitly new and fun things to do, where Just Cause 2 pushes for creativity. Yeah, you could simply walk up to that radio tower and shoot it and be done, but what if you hijacked the helicopter over there, grappled a car to it and used the car as a wrecking ball to smash the tower? Then when your plan falls apart and you accidentally crash the helicopter into the tower instead, you can hop in the car and drive off. You, as the player, have to have some vision in order to see all the potential and fun there is in the game. There's things to collect and upgrade, there's things to destroy, there's semblance of progress, and there is an immense amount of fun all in Just Cause 2, you just have to be open to playing around and trying ridiculous things.

BadCupboard, Dec 19, 2011

If you want a well driven narrative, good voice acting, fun missions, or exciting combat look elsewhere. This game is not for you.Who is this game for, then? People who love massive worlds and just general screwing around. The draw distance is insane and whatever you see, you can go to. You can hijack jets, helicopters, cars, boats, and motorcycles. You can harass the citizens, or just fly around and enjoy the scenery. The world is MASSIVE, I believe it was something like 400 square miles. The joy in the game is finding things to do for yourself. If you're just slogging through the missions, you're playing it wrong.It's worth getting just to see a fully realized world like this.

DrownedDrone, Aug 26, 2012

I probabaly give this game a little more than it deserves- People are right, the game is repetetive. However, the mechanic is so new and innovative that somehow it worked for me. The map is huge, too huge for me to explore it all, and while its not really "boring" it was still not intresting enough to make you want to see it all. The main storyline is not linear at all, Its just not very interesting, but I think the story's only goal was to give you moral obligation to cause as much chaos as possible in the entire state so I think the story did fine overall, even had few nice So why 9? Because of those staff that simply keep being fun no matter how repetative they are: Hijacking helicopters, Hijacking airplanes, Pulling vehicles stunts, flying around while doging bullets, and of course attaching things to each other. Yes, it probabaly wasn't the most effective to attach the two cars chasing you to each other near the bridge. And yes, shotting that guy instead of attaching him to a gas tank and shooting the gas tank could probably save me some time and health. The rope and parchute machanic is distinctive enough to make this game worth buying. The closest game mechanic to this game was that of infamous (where you can also hijack helicopters). but somehow this game is still very much different (And not only because its more challanging)

justanhonestguy, Dec 27, 2015

i am having a panic. Finished first and second missions by trial and error. then gave up on missions totally to wage mayhem on an entire countryside , hijacked a tuktuk, a speedboat, a 747, 10 different motorcycles, a few helicopters, a learjet, and assorted other stuff. Blew up half the country with stolen military hardware, killed hundreds if not thousands of innocent civilians, and died by running my motorcycle into a tree. Game does not save, you have to occasionally reach a checkpoint. No , it doesn't allow manual save at all. Try it for yourself, and you'll find that it says "game saved" and then you try to reload that game and you'll be four hours behind where your save point is. Fact of life in this game, get used to it, because it is a ridiculously fun rampage through a goofy Asian dictatorship island nation, with no real point other than "break stuff" and "blow stuff up". See how many times you can get your speedboat stuck up in the trees, crash a 747 into a mile high discotheque hanging from a blimp, use a howitzer point blank on peasant fisherman sampan traffic. Like that, except more insane and way more fun. One of the craziest mixtures I've ever played, I don't care about the story, i'm just driving around wrecking stuff. 8/10 Would topple radio towers across highway just for fun again.

Andjelico95, May 26, 2015

Lovely game! There is so much to do on this game, like collecting upgrades and hidden items, destroying bases, stunting with vehicles and parachuting on a fun way! And i also like: - The sharp graphics, sounds and music - The great story - Funny and cool vehicles for stunting and the huge map. But personally, i don't think this is a game for completing 100%, because the gameplay gets too repetive.

muzmuz, Dec 28, 2015

Just Cause 2 is unquestionably a game with incredible graphics, unique game play elements, enormously large open-ended map, neat user interface slash heads up display, yada yada yada. EA really took a giant leap from the first title to this one -- every issue and possible improvement that you can think of for Just Cause were all addressed and implemented in Just Cause 2, definitely a recommend for all lovers of open-world games.

Ghoster, Aug 23, 2012

Do not let them seduce you with good looking trailers. They are made from cut scenes which generally looks good. But when cut scenes stop everything good stop. Practicaly unplayable console port with bad story, bad shooting and medicore gfx! Avoid it!