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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is a dark and gritty drama featuring two men, one is a flawed mercenary and the other a medicated psychopath. Forced together on a violent and chaotic path of redemption and revenge, no action is considered too harsh as this volatile partnership is pushed beyond reason in this brutally realistic, character-driven third person action shooter. [Eidos Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 69 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2776
Genre Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Tactical, Modern
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Eidos Interactive / Io Interactive

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men reviews ( 5 )

JohnR., Aug 25, 2009

Simply one of the best games ever made. Instead of counting all the great aspects (as almost everything about this game is awesome) I simplay say: The bad reception of this game shows how infantile and stupid most reviewers and players are. This is a fantastic, intense and very mature shooter (featuring one of the best soundtracks ever made) which should be considered as great and important as Max Payne. How any serious gamer can give this game a rating beneath 7 is a mystery to me.

Nemesis, Nov 21, 2007

You like Michael Mann films? Disappointed with Miami Vice? Fear not. Kane and Lynch is the most exciting "Mannian" style game every made. Take the L.A. bank heist shootout from Heat and the Asian club showdown from Collateral, and you have a vague idea of what rests ahead. Haven't played the 360 version, but the PC has excellent character animations and alot of gorgeous shadow fx. Some of the weapon sound designs are weak, but the rest is top notch (particularly when a tire pops). The game is very violent and masochistic. Ever hear a female cop begging for her life because she has kids? You're clearly on the wrong side of the law, but your wife and daughter are being held captive. So, the choice is clear. Cops, civilians, and anyone who gets in your way will get what's coming. The fact that you work with a guy as wreckless as Lynch doesn't help either. Hand an overgrown kid a gun and you know what I mean. Exciting, ultra violent, masochistic guilt, pulse pounding vengeance, searing vulgarity....and Japanese gangsters in leather motorcycle outfits? Yeah, this game has every top notch action film element you could ask for.

roberttegle, Feb 26, 2008

after playing all the hitman games and kane and lynch. Io-Interactive/eidos goes in a whole diffrent direction whit this game. this game is more rush and kill evryone, so ull never get bored, but the game should be longer thats the only thing that keeps this game from a 10, its fantastic sounds wepons, evrything, and so sweet recoil on the wepons:D 9/10

MichaelA., Jan 13, 2008

Everything needed for this to be an excellent game is there, the storyline, the graphics, etc. Problem is, it was all put together in such a way the end product is mediocre at best. Extremely faulty cover system, aiming isn't really an option, bugs everywhere, horrible AI scripting, the list goes on and on... It's not to late to fix it, some drastic patching could, perhaps, save this game, but until then, I advise anyone whose not looking for pure spray and pray bloody action to stay away.

dandalis, Oct 27, 2016

One the most down right boring games ive ever played. Gameplay is so dull, Shooting mechanics are insanely inaccurate. Story was so awful that i even dont remember what it was about. Both Kane and Lynch as anti heroes completely fail, you dont feel or route for them whats so ever, even if it was intended that way theyre still awfully done characters. Its sucha a torture to play this game that i even didnt gave the sequel a shot which doesnt look any better anways from what it seems.