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Karateka Jordan Mechner returns to game development for the first time since Prince of Persia: Sands of Time with a downloadable remake of his Apple II action hit from 1984.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 50 / 100
User rating
Downloads 740
Genre Action, General, Fighting, 2D
Company / Developer
D3Publisher / Liquid Entertainment

Karateka reviews ( 7 )

Bulldozer, Jul 25, 2013

This is a shiny and great "little gem", it's completely playable with a controller and gives "that" good feeling, it's very short but has replayability value through the 3 characters you can use to play through it, varied outcomes and wish to improve "time" and "score". In sum the fact that's really short could be a plus since obtaining the highest scores is not so easy even if the game seems easy, is a "rhythm 'n fight" with enjoyable graphics and sound which comes in handy when you don't want to play something more complex and-or don't have a lot of time to play, something to have and to give a shot every now and then just to relax. As a side note I must say that forcing some kind of Anti Aliasing through drivers and-or using an external one like SMAA definitely improves the experience. Final words, is written nowhere that a game to be good must be "long", this is a real short but damn fun, engaging and relaxing game at once, as already said a true gem, not a load of things to do, but something you can beat up exactly in that little spare time you have which wont allow you to dedicate yourselves to more pretending games, is for this reason along with a decent price and a good polish that I'm gonna give this game a full 10.

ChoicestGames, Aug 4, 2013

While I’ve never thoroughly played the original I get the feeling that this is a more or less faithful remake although probably with toned down difficulty for today’s audience, thanks to the addition of audio cues during combat and several “lives” (instead of just one). The only thing I can fault with the new Karateka is that they’re asking $10 for a (literally) linear game that can be completed in just 30 minutes. If you can grab this game on sale or if you’re a die-hard Karateka fan then it may be worth a look.

psydex, May 18, 2013

I don't like it. It's boring simple (in a bad context) and it's not worth buying it. I personally deleted it after my 1st play-through took me a little more than 30 minutes and i wasn't impressed at all. I do not recommend.

Nile3, Dec 31, 2012

I wasn't happy with this remake. It's mostly built for mobile phone I think. You don't control the character. He move forward on his own. Got to the last boss on first play, and quit. Boring fights.

blandthrax, Dec 4, 2012

I used to play this on Commodore 64 routinely. That version, like it's Apple II counterpart had heart and soul and the ending felt utterly satisfying. This new version ... meh, not so much. I would have like to have seen a little more to it than punch, kick, block (three buttons, that's it). In the original you could punch/kick high, middle, low. Also, for 2012, the graphics are woefully underwhelming. Add to that the fact that everything about the fighting is pretty much canned and it plays more like it wants to be Dragons Lair than the new Karateka. All that's all well and good except it costs $8.99 on Steam and while that seems like a paltry sum, for a game that only takes about a half an hour to play, you have to wonder if maybe they could have at least made it more challenging to say nothing of longer.

EDGE, Dec 4, 2012

I just played the game through... took me 34:33 minutes. While the comic style character design (the princess looks like MULAN) looks good, I would have preferred something more "sincere" - as in the original. I must say, although Jordan Mechner himself was involved in its production, the game is utterly disappointing. While the 1984 original was won through tactics and using timed high mid and low punches / kicks, the 2012 version is a mere series of QTE (quick time events): First block the enemy's attacks - then attack. You just hit the punch/kick buttons - it does not really matter which. Funny how it seems advanced techniques hinder great game design & balance nowadays...

ATARI, Jun 14, 2015

If you want to experience the true "KARATEKA", play the 1984 original by Jordan Mechner, which is still an amazing experience today. Although Mechner himself was involved in this remake (which consists in an endless series of QTE's - quick time events), the game does not live up to the original. I am still waiting for a true remake...