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Kentucky Route Zero - Act I Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realistic adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who travel it.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 83 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2286
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Cardboard Computer / Cardboard Computer
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Kentucky Route Zero - Act I reviews ( 7 )

shushNMD, Jan 23, 2013

For those who fell in love with Dear Esther and Another World, this is one of those masterpieces that come up only once in decade. A must have. Stunning visual style and the sense of mystery drives you the whole time. Amazing. Simply outstanding!

Ryha2000, May 29, 2013

I am not much of one for retro art... but that's not what this lofi adventure game offers. It is abstract only to give your imagination room to breathe, to fill in the visual details to match the lovely ambient sound, to wonder what might lay between the points on the darkened map... it has the feel of a trusted friend motioning you over and with hushed breath saying "Want to see something really special..."

Player_1, Feb 9, 2013

Short, good and not pretentious. This adventure is made of very good writing and some interesting literary mechanics. Also a great comeback for the "movement on a map" style which was very popular in early RPGs and simulated a certain kind of freedom with limited means.

muchoice, Jan 18, 2015

This feels like a cross between an animated visual novel and an adventure game, interesting story telling if you can get into the storyline, a bit on the fence myself.

TwoEars, Jan 2, 2014

A big capital M *Meh*. Sure it's an indie game so it has a small budget, but can't you at least give it some voice over? The Stanley Parable showed us just how good voice over can be in a low budget game. Sure it's dark an gloomy.... so what, what game isn't these days? Don't just make your game dark and gloomy and expect it to be an instant success.... that's just insulting. So we explore some settings, we discover some new locations with our truck.... Oh Whoopie Doo.... I honestly don't see what's so special about this game and why people like it so much. The Stanley Parable or The Swapper are infinitely more deserving of our praise.

LukeyGuy, Sep 21, 2014

Arty farty nonsense masquerading as a game. This is the third time where I have been conned into buying a rubbish game by review sites (the first two being "Dear Esther" and "Gone Home"). Arthouse games should be clearly labelled and come with a warning that they are terrible. This situation reminds me very much of the "Emperor's new clothes" - pretentious reviewers are so hyped up proving how sophisticated and arty they are, yet they fail to realise that they are reviewing an insubstantial turd. I WANT MY MONEY BACK.

sazosteam, Jul 19, 2017

Simply awful! This is a non-game and not a good one at that. Bad visual novel more like it. I was attracted to the art style and the trailers, which were not a good representation at all! While playing I found no point, felt that my interactions were themselves pointless...This is very much like water boil, but less interesting. I only wanted it to end and it just drags on! I wanted to smash my computer during Act IV Scene VI...At this point, I simply clicked my mouse, not reading anything further, just so I could see the slow boring scenes and get to the end of this torturous experience!