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Kentucky Route Zero - Act IV Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realistic adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who travel it.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 92 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1763
Genre Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Cardboard Computer / Cardboard Computer
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Kentucky Route Zero - Act IV reviews ( 4 )

Batuhann87, Aug 9, 2016

I don't review games but this game deserves it.This has been the most amazing game experience i've ever had.If David Fincher made a game this would be it.

ripplebacktome, Aug 18, 2016

A stunning, melancholy work of art. Probably the most understated act so far, Act IV is rather slow-paced and more text-heavy than other acts, so you really need to buy into and appreciate the KRZ mythology; if you didn't like previous acts this one will definitely not win you over. However, if you're already in love with the world of the game, you'll love exploring the settings (there are some beautiful ones here) and learning more about the characters and their backgrounds. This act is also designed to be replayed at least once, as you have to make choices that affect which scenes you end up playing (i.e. whether to stay on the boat or get off at various stops). Kentucky Route Zero continues to be possibly the most profound and beautiful games I've ever played.

rodericrinehart, Aug 9, 2016

Nice minimalistic art style but my god is this game boring. I relatively liked episodes 1-3, even though there was too much flow walking, obtuse puzzles, and just stuff that was too weird. This episode was just mind numbingly boring. The set and music is good, but the gameplay is unexciting.

LikeARobot, Feb 28, 2018

[Erring on the side of quick, rather than pretty, writing. Also, no story spoilers, but I mention some mechanics that some might find spoiler-y.] Season narrative starts intriguing then gets more vague over time; not very rewarding, from a reader's perspective. Gameplay starts w/ a map that feels open and free (Ep1); ends w/ a circle you get dragged around (Ep4); from a gamer's perspective, kinda neutering and painful to sit thru. 4 feels like being forced to read every book you stumble upon in Skyrim; a bunch of side stories w/ 0 relevance to any character I care about. Feels more like i'm doing what the devs want me to do, rather than what I want to do. Stopped caring about thoughtful dialog choices at this point. It's clear my agency only determines which 1 of 2 scenes plays at each crit-path destination along this one-way circular map. Not enough to mention "the Zero" every once in a while. That carrot is dried up somewhere midway thru Ep3. Dream version of this game: just a few characters. Even if there were all those side stories that seem inconsequential, it would've been nice to connect them to these few core ppl I know. I love that the game reflects on the human condition and whatnot, but it doesn't mean I want to click thru a game that rambles on about it for no reason other than to reflect or ponder. Or if it's all about those bits of human experiences, then start me off wandering the open road, not placed at a gas station w/ a specific video game-y kind of goal (get the power generator running). Start the game off reading and wandering, if it's all about reading these reflections and wandering thru these characters' lives.