Kerbal Space Program: Making History Crack/Patch

Kerbal Space Program: Making History Mission Builder is an exciting new feature that puts the process of creating and editing missions in your hands. We want to give you the tools to get the sense of being part of a space program’s Mission Design Division by tailoring your own missions and narratives in a friendly and intuitive interface. Once created, you will be able to easily share your missions with the wider community. History Pack are pre-made missions for you to play immediately. You will have the opportunity to re-live historical missions from humankind’s own space history, all with that unique Kerbal Space Program twist! The pack will include a new set of parts and a new astronaut suit for your brave heroes.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1165
Genre Simulation, Combat, Space
Company / Developer
Squad / Squad

Kerbal Space Program: Making History reviews ( 1 )

inopinatus, Apr 4, 2018

This doesn't improve Kerbal Space Program as a game. It's just a pack of new parts and rocket textures, none of which I needed. The mission builder is a minority interest at best and is just another attempt by Take Two Interactive to get the community to do their job for them, and you'll get more interesting and challenging missions from Reddit than the new scenarios. Given that KSP was basically an indie tech demo of Squad's remarkable orbital physics/vehicle simulation and not actually a full-featured game unless you added third-party mods, it is super lame of the new owners to be milking it with DLC already.