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Kerbal Space Program In Kerbal Space Program you have to build a space-worthy ship, capable of flying its crew out into space without killing any of them. At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional craft. Each part has its own function and will affect the way a ship flies (or does not). So strap yourself in, and get ready to try some Rocket Science.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 90 / 100
User rating
Downloads 5528
Genre Sci-Fi, Small Spaceship, Simulation, Space, Combat
Company / Developer
SQUADTeam , Squad / SQUADTeam, Squad
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Kerbal Space Program reviews ( 7 )

JebReviews, Oct 14, 2015

Amazing, without this game I wouldn't have my name. +5 Modding support! This game can have 87+ mods! No Mods: perfect, no mods = minimal crashes, and stock feeling. Youtubers: we have Macey Dean, Scott Manley, HOCGaming, Roninpawn, SolarGamer, EE, BevoLG, and a couple more. thats what makes it great! it's a small community! thats why KSP is my favorite game

Geekzill, Apr 30, 2015

This is the game I've wanted ever since I told my mom to write NASA a dirty letter for not inviting me along for the first trip to the moon (I was four at the time). The game's not perfect, it has a few WTH level bugs in the 1.0 release, and while the simulation is far more accurate than you'd expect from a game, there are some corners that got cut, such as life support, in the interest of keeping the game fun for more normal people. It doesn't require a lot of math or science to start, but you will learn orbital mechanics and such along the way. If you've ever had any interest in planning or flying semi-realistic space missions, you should try this game. I'm among those that have played this game for thousands of hours, and I can still find interesting things to do. On the other hand, it doesn't have a campaign, even in career mode you don't get goals forced on you other than "don't go broke."

Skulb, Feb 2, 2017

A very impressive game. In fact it is not so much a game as a quite realistic space exploration simulator. The physics are amazingly well done, including aerodynamics, propulsion, heating, gravity and orbital vectors. It is a difficult proposition to get anywhere though, except perhaps directly into the nearest mountain if you can`t get your rocket to work. Just getting successfully into orbit took me about nine serious launches once I had the technology I needed to even try. And once I finally got there I ended up an obscenely eliptical orbit with no fuel, leaving my kerbal lost in space. Try again! And again and again... There are some bugs still, as you might expect. The silliest one happens if you go EVA at the surface of your home planet. The game actually behaves as if you`re in orbit and the Kerbal astronaut will levitate above the landed craft as if he`s weightless. In fact, kerbal EVA behavior is one of the least compelling parts of the game, because it`s at the moment both buggy and fiddly. But these small issues will be fixed shortly I`m sure. There is also a lack of a more hardcore option to enable life support for even more realism. As far as I know a kerbal can stay on the Moon forever with nothing but his space suit while waiting for a rescue mission. It`s forgiving but not exactly immersive. At least not for me. But the game is weirdly addictive all the same. Every launch can teach you something if you`re paying attention; either about how not to build rockets and ships or about the ideal angle to go for to find stable orbit and just loads of other things. Success feels very rewarding because of all this trial and error and because the game doesn`t cheat you. If you build a good ship you`ll probably get things done. Build a bad one and you`ll explode in a fireball or indeed get lost in space. There are also an absolute ton of components of various kinds to research and build, astronauts to train and things to see; if you can get there. The game takes place in a solar system with several planets and many many moons. And everywhere you go you do science, which is a sort of currency to unlock more gear for your ships. Every planet has several biotopes and you can do many experiments in each one. It also matters at what altitude you do the experiments and completionists may develop aneurisms trying to keep track of what they have missed and not in this complex web of research objects. All in all it`s deep and excellent fun. It is also a rewarding learning experience for people who want to find out about physics, astronomy (Made up astronomy in a fictional solar system mind you.) and aviation. The quality of both the physics simulation, the economic simulation and the science simulation can`t be overstated. It is all absolutely magnificent. And still you can see room for improvement all over the place. Not because the game is really missing anything but because the scope is such that you could add to it forever. More details on planet surfaces, more variation of missions for you to complete in the campaign mode, more ship parts, more types of astronauts and of course life support features. There is an endless potential here for as long as the developers are able to keep it going with patches and expansions. If they do then Kerbal Space Program could well become an all time classic. In fact it`s almost there already. And the interface is superb to go along with all this, including the intuitive and brilliant ship designer. You can do absolutely anything you want with it, including deliberately putting all your engines off center so you crash into the nearest building or placing engines upside down or at weird angles. You can even put kerbals in separate components and jettison them in sub orbit so they crash and die. None of that will get you to the moon of course, or anywhere else for that matter. But it`s such great game design to allow you to do it anyway. If you want to open your parachute and decouple the capsule before launch and then fire your engine so everything disintegrates in a shower of exploding fuel containers right above the launch pad you can. If you want to make a plane with one wing so you careen into the grasslands and explode when you fire up the engine, you can. The amount of ways you can fail in this game is staggering, but this freedom of choice is to a large degree what makes KSP such a pleasure to play. Having said all this, the game is certainly not for everyone. Unless you enjoy solving problems, a certain degree of meticulous planning and unless you have a lot of patience and perseverance then you might become very frustrated with Kerbal Space Program. Learning how to do everything right here is a tall order for anyone, and failure is inevitable. Lots and lots of failure. For everyone else though I can`t recommend it highly enough. To those who like all of this, as I do, KSP is a perfect game.

axela, May 5, 2015

Short version: Buy it now! What are you waiting for? Long version: I'm 40 years old and I play video-games from when I was 8 years old and this is the game that I love more then any other! I played almost 700 hours on Steam and only because I've a work, a wife and two little children to attend for, if only I had more free time I would have played KSP a lot more. Just an hint: don't stop at the stock version, explore the wonderful mods. If you are searching a more focused Career game play try BTSM, an extremely polished mod (but much harder than stock KSP).

socokid, May 6, 2015

An amazing 1.0 release for a game that has been developed correctly: Steadily and with massive user input. Career mode leads you through progressively, and the tutorials are nicely done. Some of the missions in the career mode are as crazy as Kerbals, but achieving them makes you a better ship designer. I can't say enough good things about this crazy game. But it and enjoy it. Very fun.

CiAnObAh, Jun 16, 2015

I loved this game even though I was bad at it. just encouraged me to keep trying and get that rocket as far as I could. Love how realistic the physics is in the game and I will always come back to play a bit more. It was so fun to play and I loved that they focused on game play the most rather than graphics although it still looks well I personally think.

yroucuu, Jun 8, 2015

le jeux propose plusieurs mode 2 seulement disponible jeux et pas traduit injouable pour ma par en mode Sand box (tous débloqué) on fait vite le tour sans tutoriel (compréhensible) le jeux et difficile a prendre en main je recommande pas