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Kero Blaster A classically-styled 2D side scrolling action game packed with adventure. You are a bipedal frog and a master of the Custodial Sciences, charged with the unenviable task of ridding your company's teleporters of strange black creatures. Fight for your life through a menagerie of unique monsters while getting your hands on exciting new tools of the trade.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1072
Genre General, Action, Platformer, Shooter, 2D, Scrolling, Shoot-'Em-Up, Vertical
Company / Developer
Studio Pixel / Studio Pixel

Kero Blaster reviews ( 3 )

Danytoon, May 31, 2014

It has the very platform video game playability from the old games... not only pixels and chip tunes... 100% recommended for any retro-aficionado, and the soundtrack included is really cool

Dentorehedge, Mar 28, 2016

It is simple lighthearted fun. The control scheme is unique, and despite a lack of complexity the colorful art style conveys tons of charm. The music in this game could be a stand alone release worth your purchase. There are three campaigns that offer a great range of difficulty and good stopping points. The story in the first and last campaigns are not very intense, only bare bones enough to provide us with a reason to run and gun. The second campaign's story actually offers some food for thought. At most, the characters might make you giggle or gasp a few times. The menus could be considered hard to navigate (keyboard only), and weapon switching takes practice (both of these issues are fixed on the phone version, highly recommended). Aside from the control scheme, there is no unique take on the run'n'gunner here, which is only an issue if you want it to be. A desire for upgrades could tempt a person to grind for points, but this is not required to be strong enough at the end of the game. Losing all lives means restarting an area, which means you will get a boost in upgrade points to balance the difficulty. The gameplay and art direction will likely be enough to pull most people through the game, and the flaws are so minor that this is only worth skipping if you've got a similar game with a meatier story already on your to-play list. (Then, when you are done with that, it is time to play this). Once again, the iOS version of this game is superior (that would get a ten) in every way, even benefiting more from the simple art style on a smaller screen.

Goodnightmoon, Oct 31, 2014

I think the creator of this game is a genius, he knows exactly how to do a funny game plenty of personality, sure this is far from the quality of the nearly-perfect Cave Story but it´s good retro stuff.