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Kholat The game is inspired by true event known as Dyatlov Pass Incident.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 66 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1461
Genre Fantasy, Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer

Kholat reviews ( 7 )

nattigre, Jun 9, 2015

This game is a cold shower for all the lazy game players used to being led by a puppet master throughout the game. This is new, this is fresh. The lack of action that we're all used to is rewarded by the atmosphere of an adventure and perfectly thought-out environment. And this is just inspired by the Diatlov Pass Incident not based on it. The compass and not knowing where we are on the map (we have to remember everything on our path and be really observant), although frustrating at the beginning, is a nice touch.

gameren82, Jul 30, 2016

If you haven't played a good, atmospheric exploration horror like game set in frozen mountains in a Russian region, then this game is for you. It's beautiful, climatic, based on a true story. It is not too long but worth playing just for the the story and the immersive feeling it gives to you.

Adritov, Jun 11, 2015

This game is refreshing and above all, it is a well-designed game. This game lets you figure it out yourself instead of it having to lead you with jump-scares, violin scratching, or a monster following you around. The atmosphere of the game is fantastic. Although the game does not make use of the more conventional "get frozen, get warm, or eat if not you die," the games does make you want to know more about what is going on. There is no clear indicator of where to actually go unless you actually get there. For many people this will be a downer as most current games lead you there. Graphics-wise, this game is amazing. The visual effects help create an atmosphere which you have to experience by playing it. Soundtrack-wise, this game keeps it simple. I would have liked to hear a bit more music, as the composer sounds competent. In some games you just mute it or lower it. In this one, well, I feel it let me wishing for more as it is used properly and competently created. Story-wise is amazing. As nattigre pointed it, the story is inspired, but not based on the Diatlov Pass Incident. Sean Bean is in here. Gameplay-- competent. Do not expect guns or magic powers or combat systems. It is just walking and it is done right. Running is your only weapon, and you have to use it right. Overall, this game is well-crafted. IMGN.PRO did the best with what it had, and it is amazing. 2/2- gameplay 2/2- soundtrack 2/2- visuals 2/2 story 2/2 re-play value

qrpiech, Mar 7, 2016

Atmospheric and scary exploration game (think Dear Esther/The Vanishing of Ethan Carter meets Amnesia) with Sean Bean's voice and some really nice music. There are no quest markers here, no clear objectives - you start with a map (with some geographical coordinates written on it), a compass and a flashlight and that's all the help you'll ever get. You have to make your way through the mountains and find out what happened to lost expedition. If you're not careful - you'll die because of avalanches, traps and supernatural stuff that happens around you. Better get used to the feeling of constant danger lurking somewhere near, be ready for some jump-scares as well. Be aware that Kholat uses Unreal Engine 4, just like Hatred, so you need a powerful machine to maintain 60 frames per second on max details.

ItsMuchMore, Jun 26, 2015

Kholat is a horror game based upon the Dyatlov Pass incident where nine hikers lost their lives in the Ural Mountains. Horror games for me have never truly been “horror”, I will admit that they have never been high on my list when it comes to choosing what to play. The horror genre had started to rely a little too much on “Oh look something large and ugly” is jumping out at me and let’s not even mention the tendency to love the colour black. So when Kholat passed across my screen, my interest was piqued, promising open world progression with an immersive exploration experience powered by the unreal Engine 4. Horror games in my opinion have always sought to limit your freedom as a way to heighten your sense of tension. Kholat however manages to provide that freedom yet at the same time impress a sense of claustrophobia. Within a few minutes, the game had passed the goosebumps test, the shudder up my spine of a genuine scare and not one of the “things jumping out at you” variety. That sense of fear didn’t leave through my playthrough. The freedom afforded to you by the game could be a blessing or a curse depending on you, the explorer. After the opening video, you are placed in a deserted train station, no heads up display, no objectives, just you and your desire to explore. There are no readily apparent ways forward and the initial finding your way towards the hiker’s camp is up to you. There was no doubt in my mind however when I saw the path below that it was about to get interesting. Full Review @ItsMuchMore

BobbyJohnson, Aug 17, 2016

It was really amazing in the beginning, but then it got boring as hell and even Sean Bean didn't help. I hoped for a good story but I got a mysterious mess in the end.

rahmcp, Apr 4, 2018

There is, possibly, an interesting story behind this one, but it's quite a slog to get to it. Bought it on sale; glad I didn't pay full price for it. Sean Bean, who doesn't die in this one that I can tell (he seems to die in most of the recent movies I've seen him in), can't save it.