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Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition Killer Is Dead is the latest title from the demented mind of celebrated game creator, SUDA51, serving as a spiritual successor to his previous cult favorites, No More Heroes and Killer 7. Stylish cel-shaded visuals set the mood in this gritty, bloody, ultra-violent world where biomechanical augmentations increase the power of criminals and "executioners" alike. Mondo Zappa, a newly recruited executioner, hunts criminals wielding a Japanese sword in his right hand, and the crushing power of biomechanical engineering in his left.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1825
Genre Action Adventure, Sci-Fi, General
Company / Developer
Deep Silver / Grasshopper Manufacture
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Killer Is Dead: Nightmare Edition reviews ( 7 )

Rayman225, Jul 10, 2014

I don't get why are you complaining about, the port is good, it has a good Mouse and Keyboard controls unlike the other Japanese hack and slash games. And stop lying, this game has no glitch. All this negative user scores are made by a butthurt console gamers, the question is, why? Are you butthurt because this game was released on PC?

Tylanderma, Nov 1, 2015

Okay. Just to make this point readily apparent. This is a character action games. Character action games don't play well with keyboard and mouse, just because of how they work. I do not, in any situation, recommend you playing this with keyboard and mouse. Controller is pretty much necessary. That said, the game is fantastic. It controls well, and the story is off the walls crazy, to be expected out of Suda 51. The performance is pretty poor, so some people with lower end pcs will have issues running it, but if you can run it, it is well worth it.

sleeplust, Oct 17, 2015

目前好像只通关了大约1/3不到,普通难度,算是对游戏整体有了基本的认识。 画面: 实机画面并不像宣传视频中那般光怪陆离,整体上还是比较清晰易懂和易于接受的,这样的画面风格倒是比较讨巧的避开了高难度的真实化的贴图渲染和光照模拟,当然,这样的风格是和游戏剧情和游戏性部分相辅相成的:大胆粗犷的剧情和理想化,脸谱化的人设是这个游戏的核心设计,画面只是表象。 剧情: 主角是个雇(软)佣(饭)杀(王)手,剧情没有铺垫,也不需要铺垫(写到这里我特意百毒了一下主创须田刚一,发现有另一个作品《杀手7》,画面风格类似,这也许就是前传或铺垫吧。),就像那诡异的画面风格一般,仿佛重复着主创须田刚一的话:“这就是我的风格,你没得选择。”蒙多·扎帕(Mondo Zappa)这个名字有点意大利风味,却又很适合日本人念出。目前我遇到的主要的瑕疵之一就是游戏角色说话时的口型是英语的(英语配音也不错),可我为了一个置鲇龙太郎的名号就选择了日语语音,毕竟整体游戏剧情和对话的风格也是日式的,“且库妹托”,“keela yis deddo”这样的和风英语也不突兀,配音很专业,但是口型却没变,语音和口型的持续时间不统一的情况很常见。 人设: 主角,美国人蒙多的巴掌脸上有着一副典型的“霸道总裁”式的,东方化的五官,配上长方形的斯文眼镜,他和周渝民相比谁的颜值更高(更有gigolo范)是个不错的话题。值得夸奖的是一众女配角的外形设计,脸形有女神化的中长脸也有日式的小圆脸,但是其中全无某F爷的横向长颧骨带来的伪蛇精脸,也没有某日本卖肉游戏DOA里的婴儿肥塑料脸,更不用担心这个游戏里会出现某YM那样的粗壮下颌,而且难能可贵的是其中没有最终幻想中绿茶女表既视感十足的做戏痕迹。可以说在众多偏写实的画面风格中,杀手已死的人设不一定是最好,但可以说是最漂亮的,至少我没想起更美形的例子。 操作: 中规中矩,之前我曾经吐槽过日本人做的游戏或日本人做东家发行的游戏作品的视角和键鼠操作往往有问题,而这次虽说日本人是主创,但欧洲人是东家,或许日本人也就不太敢有意做坏PC版的操作了。不能随意跳其实是个优点,乱蹦乱跳的反而有损“霸道总裁”的稳重形象(只是有时从平地上台阶的时候略有不便),视野还算开阔,而且没有MGRR里那样恶心的镜头自动贴地和不合时宜的过肩视角,操作延迟不高,可以让玩家畅快自如的进行观察。 界面: 华而不实,杂乱难懂,按键不合理。 由于PC版本出的晚抑或是设计者有意为之,操作界面中有时会有“选项卡”样式的UI,好像字母R是选择右边的选项卡,再选回左边的却要按Shift!后退回上一层界面是空格,略过过场画面是ESC,有时候需要用鼠标滑轮选择选项,有时候却又要用到键盘的方向键,确认键是鼠标左键,而在开场动画却还要用到回车键!好在游戏内的战斗按键方面,我还没遇到什么让人恼的设置。 界面的美术设计也是基于游戏整体基调和画面风格存在的,文字的背景很杂乱,而最让人气到想笑的界面中的美化元素,有点像蕾丝,单看这种设计,明显是女性化的,但是结合粗犷的配色和渲染风格,倒也算是不错的中和,美术上不算累赘,但是从实用性上仍显多余。 bug: 有些场景中部分音频失效,好像重启游戏可以解决问题。 人设优秀,风格独特而无噱头感,优点大于缺点,值得尝试。 Cyborg Gigolo Simulator Graphics:8.5 Control:8 Characters:9 Difficulty:7 Story:6 Optimization:8 Total:7.5/10

fhouse, May 29, 2014

Very stylish game, fighting feels good. PC version works ok so far. You can modify an ini file and unlock the 30 fps cap, but it might cause glitches so it's not advised. It uses the Unreal engine so no problems with PC performance. However you can't even customize controls ingame. (Maybe can be modified in an ini file though.)

zzZZZzzzzZZz, Feb 22, 2015

Сюрреализм выглядит нелепо, но от этого всякая нелепость и вычурность не становится сюрреализмом. Автору отказало чувство вкуса, если имелось, и он уткнулся носом в трэш — в самом плохом значении этого слова. Накидают ещё эпитетов: безыдейность, бесталанность, клише. Задумка есть - эффектная картинка - а что делать с самой игрой - 51 этот не знает. Я так понимаю, у данного творца есть определённые поклонники, ради этой кучки он, видать, и "старается": налепил из того что было – сожрут. Лишним свидетельством профанации является никчёмный однообразный геймплей с камерой из игр середины 00-х, а-ля Tenchu, врагов, которых можно пересчитать пальцами одной руки одного опытного токаря и набором приёмчиков — пересчитанных второй рукой.

Fluxour, Sep 27, 2015

A beautiful (aesthetically) game that leaves much to be desired on all fronts. The pc port provides few customization options on the options menu, which is usually excusable but another glaring issue that only compounds everything else wrong with the game. The story is forgettable, with characters that come across as either annoying or generic. There may have been an interesting premise to be had with the cybernetic abilities of the protagonist, but you'll find naught here. Gameplay is severely lacking, with controls being extremely simple and lacking much depth. Although new weapons and upgrades exist, they are locked behind what is essentially "dating sim" optional missions where you are trying to woo various female characters to then sleep with them and obtain new items. I don't much care or am offended by this portrayal of women; I only wish that the upgrades weren't locked behind a feature that feels so out of place compared to the main game.

CaptBulka, Jul 12, 2014

Чтож как говориться из-за бага с вечной загрузкой в 3ем эпизоде "НИПАИГРАТЬ", добавим к этому лаги, вылеты на катс-сценах и "очень охотное" желание разработчиков помочь всем тем кто купил сий "ЩИДЕВР" P.S: Баг остается спустя уже 2 месяца после выхода. К покупке на ПК порекомендовать не могу, а вот на консоли бага нету(играть даже возможно, инновации). 0 из 10 мертвых убийц.