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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - From The Ashes The first DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance introduces an entirely new type of adventure! You have an opportunity to participate in building a new village from the ground up and experience first-hand what it was like to create a new settlement. As a newly appointed bailiff, you must decideThe first DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance introduces an entirely new type of adventure! You have an opportunity to participate in building a new village from the ground up and experience first-hand what it was like to create a new settlement. As a newly appointed bailiff, you must decide what buildings to erect and what people to bring in, and you must also settle disputes between the villagers. Each building is unique and comes with its own upgrades, material and labour requirements, so you will face some difficult decisions. A bailiff's lot is not an easy one, but he can still enjoy some fun after a hard day's work. Get yourself one of the new horses available and take it for a ride, throw a few dice against seasoned players in your new local tavern, match your skills against variously skilled opponents in your combat arena or just rest at home in your own comfortably furnished house. … Expand
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 42
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Company / Developer
Deep Silver / Warhorse Studios
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - From The Ashes reviews ( 5 )

ViaDeath, Feb 23, 2020

It adds to this game something special. Not only new features or new armour pieces but the whole ruling area. The difficulty of this DLC is low when you have enough money, on the other hand, it still brings you some fun.

GReviews, Jul 17, 2018

From The Ashes is the first major DLC for Kingdom Come: Deliverance and it offers a whole new challenge in constructing and maintaining your very own village. Rest assured this won't be easy and you will have to travel all over the land to get the resources, the craftsmen and the money to raise up a new settlement. If you enjoyed Skyrim: Hearthfire then you need to get your hands on From The Ashes.

savvym, Feb 10, 2019

From the Ashes DLC is natural addition with decent amount of content that focuses on rebuilding of Pribyslavitz. That is the quest from sir Divish who lets you finance this project. The quest is accessible after completing Baptism of Fire. First you need to find his locator who will become your personal assistant and looks like the most important person of the place as he takes care of where to build what and has his own table since the beginning. If you want to start building, you have to put enough groschen to the chest in rathaus and later find the delivery traders who will sell you resources providing further buildings’ needs. Updated map of Pribyslavitz changes the old Cuman/bandit encampment. You get pretty strong mace for becoming the bailiff. Prologue and epilogue dialogues to DLC are nice. New scenes of built structures are short enjoyment. Simple and funny stories with locals when solving their disputes every day. New traders with few coins at start have more later. New horse head armor at forge and upgraded stable is unique. 3 new better horses at the stables. Armorsmith has very good selection of high quality armors and unique strong shield. Dry meat in upgraded bakery, smoke it at upgraded butcher which turns stolen to normal. Gambling den with dice has 2 tables which provide side income activity. Herbs in garden regrow in a few and more days. There are almost all types of herbs. You can not build all available buildings in one game or choose all additional settlers. You can offer jobs to special NPCs which will increase profit and uniqueness. More you build, more villagers appear, full village has around 63-69, maybe less. New buildings add new inhabitants and opportunity to invite someone special. After rebuilding everything, you have steady income everyday. Later main quest objectives are also related to nearby areas of Pribyslavitz. It's on the edge of map in the woods surrounded by wild game spots. Guardhouse has arena and you can train unarmed as well. You can't talk to anyone unless they're quest related. You are not given your own bed, however you can sleep wherever you want. If rathaus is Henry's home, he must be very generous to share it with many people. Fritz, Mathias and Nicholas won't join me after end game. You can set building from the book and Marius will react. Marius chooses where to build. You need to follow him everywhere. You can't take down building once it's finished. Some NPCs deny your invitation, so you need to look further and hidden in between. Dice players seem to be little better than other ones, but still not a real challenge. Easy to manage good reputation. Building with Marius is repetitive. It takes few seconds and two in-game days. Dealing with delivery traders is almost same. Find and pay. No haggling except one. No challenge or rough decisions. It is simple. Choose higher or lower profit, never bad. I couldn't turn page in structure book. I had to load saved game. Cuman from quest Lost in translation is sitting in the village centre. Beehives produce 6 units of honey per day that is not accumulating. Brewery produces 1 unit of unique beer per day that is accumulating. You can build only between 6AM and 9PM. Income or expense is counted at 4AM. There are total of 11 different structures to see. 2 free appear after visit in Rattay. You can see, build, repair or have upgraded 28 different structures and advancements, 15 upgrades throughout multiple walkthroughs and stages of village rebuilding. 10 structures can be built, 8 can be upgraded of which 6 are exclusive buildings for 1 walkthrough. You either build Stable or Guardhouse, Butcher or Bakery, upgrade Forge to Blacksmith or Armorsmith. Each building provides different bonuses. You can choose only 3 of these. Labourer’s Camp, Woodcutter’s Camp, Beehives, Trader’s and Bridge with Road are required for further advancements. Rathaus and Church are the most expensive and only cost maintenance. Trader is essential for delivery of resources like charcoal, grain, livestock and stone. Rebuilding whole village costs around 90-91k Groschen and it takes about 5-10 hours to finish the quest related to it and daily disputes. If rushed, rebuilding can take under 2 hours. However, playing it mid-game can extend the time spent. I played it after 90 hours endgame. Village gives you a little over 2k Groschen per day at most without upgrading Rathaus and Church and 1.8k Groschen once it is fully upgraded. All additional guests invited to village increase profit over 300 Groschen together. Groschen from profits are added into the chest with the investments in Rathaus. After finishing the quest for sir Divish, you have no more job to do there besides activities. I acquired Armorsmith, Bakery and Stables as exclusive buildings so I might miss some points. Short extension of mid-game if you want to invest into idle village.

Bercoulli, Jul 20, 2018

I had i bit of fun with this DLC but so many opportunities are wasted. There is much room for improvement. The place is large and makes no sense the needing of choose to build one thing or another. If you have the money you should build everything. You don't have a proper house, only a floor that you divide with random NPCs. Many things are needed in the town like a Tailor to repair your things. Fortifications like palisades around the village would make it feels like a real thing of the time. By the end, is a DLC not worth your money because it has many potentials that was not explored by the developers. Is a waste of money and time.

ireviewbadgames, Aug 15, 2018

An abysmal addition that the developers have the gall to call paid DLC. I honestly can't tell if those that left positive reviews (on Steam or here) actually played through it or not. If you think this DLC will provide some kind of sophisticated village-building mechanic, you are sorely mistaken. You have to talk to the master builder and tell him which building you want. Then (this is not a joke, seriously, this is literally how they did it in game) the master builder runs to the construction site and you have to follow him and talk to him again to confirm that you are still interested in building there. You do not decide the layout of the village or the aesthetics of buildings, it is all predefined. If you think that you will be able to build yourself a fine mansion, fit for a man of your station, you are again, mistaken. If you think that you can build a homely wooden hovel for yourself, let me just clarify, no you cannot build your own house. The best you can do is live at the Rathaus with the other riffraff of the town. If you think that you will be able to build a village that, at the very least, has the core traders/merchants (such as a tailor, butcher, cobbler, or bath), what do you know, you are still mistaken! The businesses that I just listed above are not available to be built. Let me repeat, the tailor, butcher, cobbler, and bath are not available and you cannot establish them in the town. Not to mention, you have to choose either an armor-smith or a weapon-smith and a guard house or a stable. You cannot have both and the decision is final. If you think you're going to get an expanded story with Theresa or some other love interest that can move in with you, then you are "correct". . . I'm just joking of course, you're still mistaken. Theresa is still blissfully unaware that the town has been built and you cannot even mention it to her. I will say that you can hire certain memorable NPCs as skilled laborers that garner extra income, such as sending Kunesh to work as a lumberjack. Lastly, the means of which you construct things is not at all interesting. It is literally you walking to towns, asking if they want to supply you with grain or coal. You then pay them and that's it, it's over. This DLC is just a matter of how much Groschen you have laying around and how to get more of it. If you have more than 12,000g, than rebuilding the town is a walk in the park. At the end of the day, I would say this DLC is worth buying at $1.00 and that's the score I'm giving it. It fails to add anything of substance to the game and is simply a desperate cash grab by the developers. Avoid it like the plague of Merhojed. One final note: This DLC can be improved if the developers wish to redeem themselves. Adding the remaining businesses not available, adding more judgements, introducing village raids from Cumans and bandits, and allow building walls and your own personal house would certainly help this travesty rise from the ashes.