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King's Bounty: Dark Side Time has come to join the dark side. Take a trip to the other side of Teana, to the part of the world that has yet remained unseen to the royal bounty hunters.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1533
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, General, Fantasy
Company / Developer
1C , 1C Company / 1C-Softclub
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King's Bounty: Dark Side reviews ( 7 )

NYX94, Jul 30, 2014

a really fresh edition to the king's bounty series, while the game play hasn't changed much, almost everything else changed. you no longer have one campaign for all three classes, there are now a different campaign for each class which really adds to the already long hours to beat. the addition of new units really makes it harder for you to choose from, and the fact that you can take prisoners and turn them to soldiers is really cool. expect this game to be among the top contendors for Game of The Year 2014.

mou5emou5emou5e, Sep 5, 2014

i haven't played previous series.... but this one is AWESOMEEEE !!!!!! The story is very good ( Dark Side 4 ever ), the interactions with the NPC's i love it even more... other people say graphics bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla ...... shut the f*** up pls... i enjoy this game

socokid, Sep 22, 2014

I might not be aware of earlier issues that may have warranted the lower score (so many complaining about bugs). However, I just bought this last week and am having a blast. It says it's at version 1.5.x, so there seems to have been quite a few updates. *shrugs* Very fun, lot's of stuff to explore. It's a familiar game (a good thing) that allows you to play the bad guy for once. It also runs very, very well on my 4 year old machine driving a 27" screen. If you are a King's Bounty fan... not sure what the issue was prior, but it is a must buy. A very good game otherwise, at least in it's current version.

MR67, Dec 3, 2015

More of the same really if you've played any of the previous games in the series, though now with the added twist of being able to play a bad guy (or girl). Your special units are very limited at the beginning, so you'll only have a handful of these to make do with until later on. To flesh out your army, the game has a lot more spider and snake eggs for you to pick up and use, as well as some bottom-of-the-pile troop types at the first safe castle you get to. Apart from that, there is also a new system where you can sacrifice prisoners to create new demon and undead troop types, but it looks like you need to have a LOT of prisoners to create anything really good. Your rage powers are now provided by a strange looking little companion creature named Blackie (though thankfully you can change this name), who can also teleport you to various places in the game as well as handle the sacrificing of unlucky prisoners to create new troops. Character skills are now structured slightly more differently - there are about 5 or 6 levels of skills from the top down, with only the corresponding class having access to the last tier of skills; eg. only the warrior character (the Orc) will have access to the last tier of Might skills. I tried all 3 characters and it seems easiest to play (at least initially) as the Demoness character (owing to her higher Leadership score and the more powerful demon units she has) and hardest as the Orc (lack of offensive magic and decent missile units). However, the Demoness' last tier of skills (in the Spirit tree) do not seem all that great compared to the last tier of skills in the Might and Magic trees. The storyline seems a bit dull (though this may change later in the game) and involves you fixing a sudden imbalance which has come about between evil and good in the world, though each of the characters (the Orc, Demoness and Vampire) has a backstory of their own which makes the game a bit more interesting. Pros - same enjoyable tactical turn-based combat as the previous titles, different experience playing as a villain. Cons - little overall difference in graphics or gameplay from the previous games in the series, more difficult (at least in the early part of the game) than any of the previous games, still some minor translation issues in some of the in-game text, playing as a villainous character might not be to everyone's taste. Game also still suffers from a number of bugs (crashes to desktop occasionally when playing for a long time and entering a new area or starting a big battle, or enemy units' attack, defence and initiative scores inexplicably get reduced). Game seems overly long and gets tedious after a while and certain quests are poorly done, eg collect certain items with no indication of where to get them. I have spent over 120 hours playing as the Orc where I reached level 53 but have given up owing to boredom and frustration with the bugs. Have revised score from 7 to 5.

matod, Aug 24, 2014

As a fan of whole series i cant recomend this one. Its unfinished like wont mainly of game balance(new spells , crazy unit disbalance) and later maps is almost completly empty.. empty areas and the main thing if you play imposible theres no real enemy that can threat yours army.. this destroys whole experience why you build army and level up when there is no enemy to fight? Game release date is totaly rushed , but its better than WOTN witch was terrible (2/10)

krammerlock, Feb 18, 2015

I have played all of the King's Bounty games and it is clear to me that the developers have lost their way. It started with Warriors of the North and has reached a low with Dark Side. I like the idea of Dark side and I like that they kept the GUI and combat system the same. What I don't like is the sloppiness of how the quests are written. I never got stuck on any quests in King's, or Armored Princess. The explanation was straight forward. They told us what to do, where to do it and generally kept it on the same area that the quest was given. Yes its simple, but it was fun. You could tool around an island, clear it out and move on. Sadly that is no longer the case. I have gotten stuck on many quests and have been unable to find help on them either. So the game is a big waste of money. I will try it again in six months. Maybe then the walk through's will contain some help.

yshylov, Jun 16, 2015

It has nothing in common with previous series. The plot is awful and it is written in internet slang. The locations are just boxes with a couple of enemies, there is no decoration at all. The game is heavily disbalanced, it's very tough at the beginning and not interesting at all as you have no possibility to avoid plot fights, can't get extra spells and can't change your army.