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King's Bounty: The Legend King’s Bounty: The Legend is an adventure RPG with tactical turn-based battles unfolding in a fairytale fantasy world of fearless knights, evil mages, wise kings and beautiful princesses. The player leads their character through the game world; exploring it; commanding armies in battle; and completing required and bonus quests. The game falls into two separate modes: Adventure Mode and Combat Mode. In adventure mode, the player controls the character in real-time, taking him through the adventure map seeking treasure, and completing quests. In combat mode, the player takes on the role of war chief, leading their troops through battle in a chess-like format. [Atari]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3122
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy, General, Tactics
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Atari , Atari SA / Katauri Interactive

King's Bounty: The Legend reviews ( 7 )

spartan-117, Oct 3, 2010

Magnificent.This is one of the best game of 2008.I cannot even begin to think how much free you are in this game.The graphic the gameplay the units(which are awsome) everything its on its place.Many quests many hours of gameplay free choise cool units some divine help :D and great worlds to explore.Pure bad ass.Look even the spells look awsome(especially fireball).10

Amorebietal, Oct 20, 2012

I know there are a lot of 10/10 reviews here, so I bet you're thinking that most of these are exaggerating and are just in love with the series. But this is without doubt a 10/10 game. It is such a charmy game and I've never been calmer playing an rpg game. When you have bought the first game in the series (this one), you just have to buy the other ones, because this game is magnificent.

Gruhlum, Oct 14, 2012

incredible game! The graphic, the versatility and everything is fantastic. Most of the negative reviews are basically because those people didn't played the game longer than 20 minutes, seriously play flash-games then if you want action by pressing the start button. Some enemies are impossible at first but if you take the scout ability in the first tier you have no problems with running into overpowered troops. The only thing they I am missing is a quest-marker on the map. I will definitely play it through again and buy the other games of the series! 10/10 would recommend!

Magnethead, Mar 18, 2014

Fantastic game and a must-play for any fan of Heroes of Might & Magic. The humor is great, the challenge is decent and the game mechanic feels smooth and balanced. You can create your own strategic concepts or just go with large armies and good gear depending on the difficulty and your own desire. There's nothing bad to say about this little gem, really, so just play it.

alghero, Feb 9, 2013

King's Bounty is a strategic turn-based game of 1C Company, based in a fantasy world. It is a Heroes of Might Magic game related, with a lot of points in common and some enjoyable differences. It is not a "clone", even if, for the fans of the former saga, many things will sound like a déjà-vu. First of all you have one hero to control and to send around the map, with attributes and statistics that increase with the levels. The movement in the map field is in real time and it’s plenty of quests to fulfil to proceed in the story and side-quests that gives you experience or precious objects. The fights are resolved like in the chess, deploying the troops in the left side and waiting for your turn to move, attack or use particular abilities for each unit, depending on how many action points the single unit owns. During our turn, it’s possible to cast magic or spend rage points summoning the Spirits of Rage. Rage and Magic are the opposite, with the time magic is replenished, Rage it’s increased only fighting and decrease while walking. This make the game really interesting and fast, you cannot afford to sit down in a place if you are not plenty of rage potions! Of course the pause option becomes really useful. Basically really simple, but still really enjoyable, compared with HOMM, the units are bought in special huts, castles, nests and places similar, they are not regenerated and the number the hero can take around, depends on his leadership level, that increases with levels, depending on the class chosen at the beginning (warrior, paladin or mage), objects equipped, bonus obtained and skills selected. The customization is not like many classic RPG, but still you can try different combinations to obtain different results. It’s possible to travel freely in the map, even if some locations are locked until some point in the story. If the enemies became too strong, there is surely another point in the world where obtain the necessary amount of experience and gold to be able to return back and finish all the quests. That makes the exploration enjoyable and funny. Graphically it’s really good, well detailed and bright even if a little outdated. On the opposite side the audio is nothing of particular. But the gameplay is something amazing. To conclude, be aware, this game can stole a significant amount of time from your life!

VitaminK, Jul 30, 2012

this game took me by surprise and i couldnt be happier! for me this is heroes of might and magic meets warcraft 3! i could never get into h m&m but this game just does it right, there could be more varietion in battles and more detail to unit info but this is still a great game

Lorgan, Sep 17, 2012

This game is extremly overrated. The battles in the beginning are either very easy or completetly impossible. Thereby the game becomes booring really fast.