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Konung 2 This unique fantasy role-playing game, with real-time strategy and adventure elements, is set in a mystical world of magic and legend, alive with tribes of wild Slavic hunters, noble traders of the Byzantine Empire, and fearless Viking warriors. Adopting the dark and complex atmosphere of ancient Scandinavia, Konung 2 combines history with classical myths and legends, immortal heroes, magical artifacts and ancient sorcery. Good and evil have now transposed, resulting in chaos and turmoil. Having fallen under the spell of wicked magic, a new Dark Master now threatens the land and only six warriors, male and female descendants of the Titans, can stop him in his quest to destroy all that can be used to return peace and stability. These heroes must summon their courage, strength, and wits to defeat this new face of evil and his minions, both human and monstrous! [Got Game]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 37 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1548
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Got Game Entertainment / 1C, 1C Company
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Konung 2 reviews ( 5 )

MichailN., Jul 30, 2006

In this game, if you want to survive, you have to own as many villages as possible, have more talented warriors (Experienced voevode in the village can do the trick), upgrade your alchemy skill by making potions (and try to do it often), have at least one healer and one blacksmith in your party. It's even easy enough to level up your hero by solving quests and drinking wisdom potions (recipe's easy to find). You'll encounter a lot of mythological places, people and creatures. Visit creepy dungeons with wicked hermits wich'll give you different puzzles to solve and as a reward you'll receive some tricks how to beat the game.

Cleander, Jan 20, 2005

Very nice game! Enchanting story, allows big entourage for the main character, nice historical background blending 3 great cultures (Byzantine Empire, Kievska Rossije and Vikings). The graphics are moderate as zooming on the characters is not possible and the voices are inadequate. Nonetheless it's a good example of how good a simple game can be, when it is endowed with a large dose of history and a good plot! I recommend it unreservedly!

ElizabethR., Mar 21, 2005

This game is slow, but then, not all games have to be fast to be good. I like it. It grows on you. It is a little irritating in that you seem to get to a certain point and then have nothing left to do, no where else to go. I know I apparently need to talk to someone but I thought I'd talked to everyone in every place! I'm looking for a map or walkthrough to find out what I'm missing. And yes, your caharacters get killed easily in the beginning and so do all your cohorts. I finally had to hex edit just to get started! But even with all this, the game is fun.

KeithC., Aug 29, 2006

Very slow game. Have to wait at least 3 people in your group before you could start attacking monsters (those levels much lower than you) and 'waste' your healig potions away. During the mid gameplay, you will already be looding with golds from village tributes that you would be making any detours just to collect them. Reason due to there is nothing much to buy. Weapons / Amours & miscel stuffs are the same everywhere (except for the little attributes it might comes with the item). This is quite a letdown. I suggest players to buy potions and mix to get wisdom potion for leveling. This is much faster than killing monsters (except poisonous ones as you need their poison sting for potion making). Good times comes when you have more than 5 people in your group. You can swarm back at the enemy now for revenge and travelling on the map will be "less dangerous".

JohnD, Jan 7, 2005

This game is not worth the 20 bucks that it's priced at. It belongs in the bargain bin at a buck. The AI sucks big time. Too many bugs in the beginning. You can't start out your character without being killed instantly by hordes of enemies.