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KumaWar Kuma Reality Games builds re-creations of real-world events using advanced gaming tools. KumaWar, the first Kuma Reality Game, is a first and third-person tactical squad-based game that provides multiple updates monthly to the consumer's computer to reflect unfolding events in the real world including Operation Anaconda in Afghanistan and one based on the hunt for Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay. Each month KumaWar subscribers will receive playable missions, video news shows, extensive intelligence gathered from news sources around the world, and insight from a decorated team of military veterans. Kuma Reality Games, headquartered in New York, New York is a privately held company. [Kuma Reality Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 52 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1234
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical, Modern
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
Kuma Reality Games / Kuma Reality Games

KumaWar reviews ( 5 )

xvxcrashxvx, Aug 20, 2010

great graphics, feels like i am really there. quick download speeds and new real life missions. PLUS its FREE! doesnt get much better than that! I'm looking to start a clan and get a big game goin...whos in?

AlexisJ., Aug 24, 2004

Great concept. an interactive way to experience the war. I learned more via the intel and game play than watching the news. game play was fun and fast. I liked it more than Ghost Recon for fast play and teams.

CGP, Aug 20, 2010

I think what the "critics" fail to realize is that Kuma makes completely free games, every week. So fine, maybe the graphics aren't like the developer's games that take 2 years to develop and 200+ teams, but they are still fun shooter games with real representations of what is going on in the world.I personally love their stuff, and over the years the graphics have gotten a lot better.

IdunnaK., Apr 2, 2006

For all the old and tired graphics, physics and AI, it's not too bad. The fact that there are two new missions a month and it's now free makes it worth while.

DonnieBrasco, Apr 22, 2004

How come the developer's don't realize the utter disgustingness of this whole idea? Making money upon having REAL people killed in REAL life? The main idea is to have LESS war and shooting events in the world, and you already have this kid expecting MORE war content than Iraq!!! Get to your senses, what you're doing is BAD by essence!!!