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LA Cops LA Cops is an action-packed 3D top down shooter set in 1970s LA with police trying to do a tough job in a tough town.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 47 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1240
Genre Action, General, Shooter, Shoot-'Em-Up, Top-Down
Company / Developer
LA Cops Ltd / Modern Dream

LA Cops reviews ( 3 )

24hrpartypeople, Mar 20, 2015

This game pulls no punches and delivers an awesome 2D blast fest!! You get to control two cops simultaneously sweeping through levels gunning down drug lords, rescuing hostages and generally kicking the sorry ass of anyone who has the misfortune to cross the LAPD. The artists have gone 70s crazy with their colorful graphics which kinda works, but its the tactical gameplay that is the biggest selling feature of this title for me. Dope. Would be great if there were a multiplayer option, so hopefully that's not too far off in the works, but either way this is definitely worth checking out.

damian103, Jul 27, 2015

Although this game may look like Hotline Miami it's entirely diffrent and very fun. You should try it out if you havent alreadybeacause if you dont you will miss out on a big hit.

GameReviewJrnal, Jan 16, 2016

Similar to hotline Miami but not as fun. The art style is unique and compelling, and is what drew me to purchase the game in the first place. There isn't really any story to keep the player engaged to a very difficult game. The cutscenes are strange, there is a white middle aged balding cop that has this black man's voice with a 1970s dialect and I can't tell if its a technical issue or bad design. There are only 8 levels with side quests, which isn't enough gameplay hours to justify the cost of 14.99.