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L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition Amid the post-war boom of Hollywood's Golden Age, Cole Phelps, an LAPD detective is thrown headfirst into a city drowning in its own success. Corruption is rampant, the drug trade is exploding, and murder rates are at an all-time high. In his fight to climb the ranks and do what's right, Phelps must unravel the truth behind a string of arson attacks, racketeering conspiracies and brutal murders, battling the L.A. underworld and even members of his own department to uncover a secret that could shake the city to its rotten core. Using groundbreaking new animation technology that captures every nuance of an actor's facial performance in astonishing detail, L.A. Noire is a violent crime thriller that blends breathtaking action with true detective work to deliver an unprecedented interactive experience. Search for clues, chase down suspects and interrogate witnesses as you struggle to find the truth in a city where everyone has something to hide.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8708
Genre Adventure, 3D, Modern, Third-Person
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Rockstar Games / Rockstar Leeds

L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition reviews ( 7 )

Rikdyou, Nov 15, 2011

You know what your getting with this package. A fantastic game with all the bells and whistles. Im sure you've seen other reviews of L.A Noire, so il just say what's new in this. It features all of the previously released downloadable content for L.A. Noire, including the â

Tagirix, Jul 3, 2016

L.A. Noire was a game which maked me return to games. It features a lot of cool missions where you will be investigating different crimes, and take a control of Cole Phelps — a detective from Los Angeles. There is a big familiarity with well-known GTA, Mafia, and it's combination of these games. The first things you will love in this game are graphics, story missions, gameplay. Really, it's interesting to decide who is guilty and who is innocent. In a nutshell, this game is as good as GTA, RDR, Max Payne.

TitaniumDragon, Feb 21, 2013

LA Noire is an excellent game. The investigative gameplay is enjoyable, as is quizzing the suspects and witnesses. The weakest parts of the game are car chases and foot chases/shootouts, but fortunately those are brief and far in between. The story is good and the main body of the game is good. While the ending is not as good as it could be, overall, the game is still quite excellent and well worth your time (and money). Why not a 10/10? A few reasons. 1) The ending. After spending the whole game investigating, the final level of the game involves you running around killing people with a flamethrower. I'm not even joking. While this sort of gameplay is interspersed throughout the game and isn't wonderful when it comes up, it is rare enough that it is fine. It overstays its welcome at the end of the game. 2) While the acting in the game is overall quite good, when you let suspects sit around after questioning them, some of them behave... very oddly. And not in the "oh we're obviously guilty" way, but in the "the actor is clearly trying to convey SOMETHING but it is hard to tell what" kind of way. The motions end up exaggerated, and as this is one of the things you're supposed to be using to tell whether a suspect or witness is lying or not, it is a bit of a problem the motions are so unnatural that you can't tell what they're supposed to be doing. 3) This is a minor point, but there are a few times in the story where you are presented with two suspects and you are forced to charge one or the other, but it is obvious that neither of them is actually guilty of the crime at hand there's no option NOT to charge them, which would be the correct choice. While not a big deal, it would have been nice to have the ability not to lay charges in some cases.

dandalis, Oct 28, 2016

Excellent game with mature story and themes that is made for adults and will leave children, teens either bored or disgusted, love it. 40's Los Angeles is superbly recreated on a smaller scale with exquisite attention to detail, but world itself doesnt feel that lively and theres nothing to do. The crimes that are inspired by real actual events are also put together solidly and a hoy to investigate. Team Bondi in my opinion shoulda made the game linear in nature with smaller open levels where you investigate specific crimes and later take you place to place where you must go based on evidence you gathered, cuz driving around the world takes away too much times unless you wanna fast travel. That coulda pontentialy give the team options to lengthen the story and put more resources in other needed places. For a console port it ran pretty gine on my GTX 650 with fairly high visual settings. Production values when it comes to animations and voice acting are impeccable and the revolutionary face scan technology works amazingly giving you the feeling youre having conversations with real people.

qwasm, Nov 19, 2011

Good adventure game with great characters, graphics, and atmosphere. The faces in the game are simply amazing. I have never seen a game yet with this detailed facial animations and expressions. I also really love the setting: a noire story set in the late 40's.However it's far from perfect, the controls are bad and the game is too short.

holtafd, Dec 12, 2011

The game has a great story with some inventive mechanics. however for the pc Version it is clearly a port. the are lots of problems with objects that just pop in even on advanced pcs.

JamesTonjes, Oct 7, 2014

I would have reviewed this game but the boxed copy i bought won't go further than the lanoire menu as it says "error receiving patch details" the abruptly closes, if this version had a steam code in the box like so many other games this would not have been a problem...