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Land of Legends Land of Legends is a turn-based fantasy strategy game where eight unique races vie for supremacy using a combination of cold steel and hot magic. Players will have to use their wits and each race's special abilities to bring defeat to the forces of darkness plaguing the lands in the thirty-two mission campaign. The game doesn't end with Evil's defeat though, as a built-in matchmaking service allows infinite replayability by giving players the chance to play against live opponents around the globe. [Shrapnel Games]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1006
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Fantasy
Players 2 Online
Company / Developer
Shrapnel Games / Tiny Hero Game Studios

Land of Legends reviews ( 1 )

Jamie, Jan 3, 2006

Any lover of strategy knows graphics has little to do with gameplay. The two greatest strategy games of all time, Go and Chess, have pieces that are merely symbolic. Grpahically this game is simple, but strategically it's magical. If you love advance wars, try this for a fantasy themed similar experience. I played all 10 levels in the demo in one saturday nonstop, was hooked from the very first one.