Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green Crack With Keygen Latest 2020

Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green Prepare for the Horror... A horrific plague breaks out and mobs of zombies are roaming throughout the tri-state area, killing people at random. You play Jack, a simple farmer who must rise beyond fear, and battle your way through hordes of terrifying undead who are bent on spreading the zombie plague. You encounter a mysterious man named Mr. Kaufman who has established Fiddler's Green, a fortified city, which holds the last of the living. He has offered you a special job, with an exceptional reward. An offer too good to turn down, but will you live long enough to reap the rewards? Based on the George A. Romero film, "Land of the Dead." [Groove Games]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 38 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1702
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
Groove Games / Brainbox Games
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Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green reviews ( 5 )

Jaferdiz, Nov 18, 2016

The game is very fun, although not the best of its kind you manage to catch some negative point is its duration, but it compensates with a lot of action.

ROODOGBumboKlaat, Oct 22, 2005

This gets a 10 from me because i loved the movie so i am giving it 2 extra just for that and i have only played the demo plus watched all trailers i could find.Forget resident evil as this just blows that out of the water.Plus you play in a first person persrective which is the only way to go for the pc release.Lots of blood and zombiies and some cool weapons like the moltov cocktail and the sniper rifle.I am not sure but i believe that a co-op multiplayer will be available in the finished version.If it is then it will deserve a 10!

AndreiKiller98, Mar 20, 2014

a good zombie game, with a really nice story and gameplay...the multiplayer is kinda fun too...i dont understand why is soo underrated but aniway, you should try this game just for fun..7 from me

FlippySuper, Apr 8, 2013

Seriously,what´s wrong with this people? The multiplayer is just like Counter Strike (yeah,i compared it to Counter strike,deal with it) the story might be chessy, but its a ton of fun. The only problem is the price,but you can download it free on mediafire,so there is no excuse for hating this game

WillJ., Mar 10, 2006

The game starts out as a very promising survival horror fps. The farm at the beginning and the zombie-infested cornfields are oozing with terrifying ambience. However, once you've played through the beginning, you've basically seen all the game has to offer. The rest of the game is repetitive and boring. You wade through sewers and wander around city streets which are infested by almost identical zombies. There are only a total of four different enemies in the game: standard zombies, crawling zombies, melee weapon wielding zombies and diseased zombies. You spend your time bashing and shooting these four enemy types and completing simple objectives such as providing cover for a friend or looking for keys. This gets old very quickly but playing through the game doesn't take long either. The graphics are quite dated but on the other hand, the game should run even on slower pc:s. The sounds aren't excellent but they aren't bad either. The game has a basic multiplayer deathmatch which doesn't offer anything new and a way too easy co-op mode in which you kill waves of zombies with your teammates. You won't find many servers for this game since it isn't all that popular. In conclusion, road to fiddler's green is a big disappointment. A boring zombie shooter you'll play through in one night and never play again. Unless you're a really hardcore zombie fan the game is not worth your money.