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Law & Order: Legacies In Law & Order: Legacies players will take on the roles of both investigator and district attorney as they hit the streets to gather evidence and then enter the court room to prosecute the case. As in every episode of the Law & Order series, choice and morality are key factors and every decision made throughout Law & Order: Legacies will affect the outcome and can lead to multiple endings for each case.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 55 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1239
Genre Miscellaneous, Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Telltale Games / Telltale Games

Law & Order: Legacies reviews ( 4 )

LaMagiadeVirue, Aug 10, 2013

Un juego del que esperaba mucho menos, y me dio mucho mas. Extremadamente divertido, y mucho mas si uno es fanático de la serie. Muy buena historia en todos los casos por resolver.

Gamerplays, Feb 22, 2012

Definitely not a bad game. It delivers what it promised: a highly interactive Law & Order detective game in which you make the choices while you're trying to solve a case. The game looks and feels like you're in the Law & Order world and you'll find yourself interrogating many people, searching clues, intimidating (with the typical 'smart ass' talking) and making deals (if you want) with the suspect and of course you'll defend your case in the courtroom. After finishing a part of the episode you'll get a detective score to see how well you did and get a chance to re-do it all for the perfect score and when you finish the courtroom part the episode is done just as the Law & Order series would end. Are there no flaws? Well, I can think of two but they are not game breaking. First would be the voice acting. While not bad, the quality could have been better. Its like they used cheap microphones and thats not good. Other thing is that an episode will be difficult to complete if you don't do it in one sitting. Each part in the episode gives you clues you have to remember for the next parts until the episode is finished and stopping in the middle of it will make it hard to go on. Besides those minor flaws this is a very decent game that won't disappoint fans (like myself) of the series.

Othrandur, Nov 24, 2012

Let's start by setting the record straight: this isn't so much a game as it is an interactive episode of Law & Order. The "game" is entirely on rails. Where you go, when, and to whom you talk are entirely scripted. Your only interactions with the game are multiple choice selections for dialogs or objections in court, and object-finding in a crime scene. The main "challenge", and I use the term loosely, is to remember details that you saw or heard earlier because they will be needed to justify your decisions. If I were rating this purely for the game aspects, I couldn't honestly give it more than a 2.However, as I said, this is really an interactive episode of Law & Order and as an episode (7 episodes, actually), it really works. Telltale managed to recapture the mood of the TV show very well and fans of the show will find themselves unconsciously filling in any gaps because everything else fits so well. The result, as a fan of the show, is a very enjoyable experience. A big plus is that Telltale did not make use of their usual irritating and immersion-killing timed actions. One thing to consider is that "Law & Order: Legacies" is approachable even by people who aren't usually gamers and who may not enjoy more frenetic computer games, so you could finally draw in your grandmother to play computer games with you.

MIke_Levin, Aug 22, 2016

There are some "goods" and "bads" in this game. The goods: Consistent w/ the Law & Order franchise, very educational, and great plot line for the most part. I like that they preserved the well-known Law & Order characters into this game, though I don't know why it has to be a repetitive pattern (same characters on the odd episode only: 1, 3, 5, and 7, and on even episodes only: 2, 4, and 6). Its style of material and content is also very Law & Order. In terms of its education, you can use the skills you've learned in this game to your real life. One of them is during the beginning of Episode 1: in their instructions, one quote was "You must remember evidence and testimony to help you judge truth from lies." That's a very important and useful tip that you may want to remember and use in real life, such as for maintaining a stable and healthy relationship with others. Another is the court tactics that's being used, such as Leading, Badgering, Hearsay, No Expertise, Speculation, Ask & Answered, etc., in addition to the fact that sometimes "a well-aimed jab at the defendant can score points with the jury, even though you have to withdraw it," and that you need to know how to manipulate information being used such as asking or bringing the right questions/information that will help your case and and avoid those that will harm your case. These court tactics is potentially very helpful for pre-law or law students (though mostly helpful for future criminal lawyers than for other lawyer kinds, civil or corporate for instance) and for anyone that could potentially face court lawsuits in the future. In terms of strong plot, it's Law & Order (what can you say about it!) and that that's one of Telltale Game's strongest elements in their games.All of these things fascinated me at the beginning of the episodes. But then at latter episodes, it's becoming more repetitive that 1) I'm already accustomed to this game and their skills, and that 2) repetition did bother me a little (but not much!). The bads: voice acting/recording and CGI isn't good. The actors and actress's voices weren't flowing consistently with their characters. It can distract me on thinking "it's just a game," and not letting me feel engulfed into this game; the feeling of being engulfed, of being awed, into something is a critical element on making a movie, game, book, or anything to be considered "Great." The CGI also prevents me from feeling engulfed into it. They more look like cartoon characters. Their edges aren't as smooth as what a really good 3D effect look. Yet knowing that it's a Telltale Games, looking back into Jurassic Park: The Game and Back to the Future: The Game, this didn't surprise me much. That's all of the "goods" and the "bads" that sticks out the most. If you're the kind that's too sensitive to CGI and voice acting/recording effects, take my word on this: the sloppy voice acting was weird, but their CGI is very common to Telltale; if bad CGI really bothers you, then don't look into Telltale Games. Yet, you'll be missing out the good parts such as it's education and the plot (also common Telltale). If education really is important to you, try to mentally block-out the terrible CGI and voice acting and focus on its content material, and then you'll be getting the education you want. If that's not really important to you, you don't have to play or buy it. That's OK too.