Layers of Fear: Inheritance Crack With Keygen

Layers of Fear: Inheritance
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1127
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Aspyr / Bloober Team
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Layers of Fear: Inheritance reviews ( 4 )

Jo0ker, Aug 21, 2016

I liked the DLC, because it's answer so much things with a new whole perspective.. The atmosphere and the fear.. Liked, but is too short, hope they will came back with a good sequel.

SuperkenGaming, Aug 4, 2016

Layers of Fear Inheritance Ending all the mystery Layers of Fear Inheritance fills in all of the mystery surrounding layers of fear and answers the questions of all speculation as to what happened to the daughter and her mother… As the name suggests, the daughter inherits the home layers of fear takes place in from her father after he dies, she returns to see what hes left her As you explore the home youll run into objects and areas that will trigger you… and no this isn’t a feminist simulator… these triggers take you back to traumatic events in your life and you view them or play through them as a child… Much like the main game there a few jump scares, ever changing rooms and puzzles, notes to give even more insight into the story, and every subtle choice you make in the game will effect the ending you receive While this dlc is great for people intrigued by the games story.. theres not much else here for anyone else… This DLC is only about 1 hour long your first time through… And theres nothing all too special about the game play or puzzles this time around.. you do a lot of find the missing piece and move on while the main game you had to actually stop and think every once in a while… The environment also isn’t really that creepy.. there is a neat in drawing section in the game but its only neat to look at.. actually exploring it is pretty bland.. same with the rest of the game… There are a few maybe 1 or 2 unsettling moments in the story.. but the actual environment you explore is just messy and foggy… you never really feel tense outside of those very few moments youre just going through sections that are hard to see in… IF you want some questions answered pick inheritance up, if you were a fan of the gameplay in layers of fear and didn’t care for the story or just a horror fan in general, theres no reason to pick this up as I never felt any real horror vibes I give Layers of Fear Inheritance a 7.0/10

MrRob, Aug 15, 2016

poor and boring game. a copy of the recipe more and konami brought us a couple of years. some things can be saved as graphics and sound but the scares are very predictable. The basic mechanics but let it play

Mobile, Nov 15, 2017

ENG Again, the game is designed not for one passage, different endings and blah blah blah. I really hate DLC that have gameplay on the half hour, but since the game is a "masterpiece, which does not understand" the first time that in the end, artificially dilate her for a few, and then more hours. Money its not worth it, that's for sure, because the essence could fit in the original game, in the next note, and so it would be clear. RU Опять таки игра рассчитана не на одно прохождения, разные концовки и бла бла бла. Терпеть не могу такие DLC, у которых геймплея на пол часа, но так как игра представляет из себя "шедевр, который не понять" с первого раза, что в итоге искусственно растягивает ее на пару, а, то и больше часов. Денег своих оно не стоит, это уж наверняка, так как всю суть могли уместить в оригинальной игре, в очередной записке и так было бы все ясно.