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Layers of Fear Layers of Fear is a psychedelic horror where you take control over an insane painter in his quest to finish his magnum opus.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3034
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Bloober Team / Bloober Team
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Layers of Fear reviews ( 7 )

Banjoconker, Aug 27, 2015

The best horror game this year! Absolutely amazing mood, groundbreaking visual style. It looks a way better then PT. There is just one snag - you better don't play this game alone at night!

Elcrocko, Feb 20, 2016

Fantastic game! from the excellent visuals to the amazing sound design this game hits all the right horror notes! Admittedly it relies heavily on jump scares but they are in keeping with the tone of the game.moving from room to room your never sure what your going to find/see or hear next,just when you expect a scare nothing happens and vice versa! It's a good old fashioned haunted house type scenario that sees your character descend further and further into a state of madnes! If your a fan of outlast and the PT demo you'll love this! Can't recommend enough that you have to play at night in the pitch black with surround sound headphones on! Terrifying!!!!

Puppet12, May 6, 2016

ouah ! This games guys is pretty cool ! it's an experience in horror excelling. This is the kind of game this is the kind of game that reproduces 6 months for fear

ave, Dec 29, 2017

I really like when a game focuses on one core idea and properly execute it. Aside the fact that we can discuss the gaminess of Layers of Fear, the main experience could be "wandering inside the twisted mind and horrible memories of a painter trying to achieve a masterpiece". And the great visual and mechanical idea is to mess with the mind of the player by changing the layout of the house behind his back. Once you enter the workshop room with the blank canvas, anything goes. Every room, every object, every note is a piece of a narrative puzzle for you to complete and interpret - and at the same time, your progression seems to influence your final painting. After completing the game, many questions remains, like who is the character we play ? By leaving these question and many other open to interpretation, the game continues to haunt us in a terrifying but satisfying way.

Mobile, Nov 15, 2017

ENG Three or four hours wandering around the house, opening every possible drawer, door, reading notes, admiring the paintings and the collection of the grains of what had happened in this house and with whom. I want to highlight that the developers have not just released a simulator of a tramp in the dark in the scary house which is very much we have already played, there's a good soundtrack, not a bad atmosphere, a suitable design models, it is not a stupid slasher film, some not horror at all, since there is no dumb of the game, the only thing that will be bad, so this pattern which will be always next to music (on headphones a pleasure to pass). The game is designed not for one pass, there are several endings that you do during the game their actions will earn. I was pleased to play this game, although I am not a fan of this genres of games, but again, the developers really tried. RU Три - четыре часа блуждания по дому, открывания всех возможных ящиков, дверей, чтение записок, любование картинами и собрания по крупинкам, что же произошло в этом доме и с кем. Хочется выделить, что разработчики не просто выпустили симулятор бродяги в темноте по страшному дому, каких очень много мы уже успели поиграть, здесь есть хороший саундтрек, не плохая атмосфера, подходящий дизайн моделей, это не тупой ужастик, для некоторых не хоррор вовсе, так как здесь нет дурацких скримеров, единственное от чего будет не по себе, так эта картины которые будут всегда рядом и музыкальное сопровождение (в наушниках отдельное удовольствие проходить). Игра рассчитана далеко не на одно прохождение, в ней несколько концовок, которые вы сами по ходу игры своими действиями заработаете. Мне было приятно сыграть в эту игру, хоть я и не поклонник данного жанры игр, но повторюсь, разработчики действительно постарались.

Edelplastic_com, Aug 16, 2016

Nice puzzle game with short shocking events, a great story and wonderful graphics. But it isn´t a real Horror-Game. After few minutes you know that the game life from shocking events, but you not can die or can do something wrong. You play a short Story and thats all. It´s ok, but nothing special.

dmack0823, Jun 13, 2016

It isn't scary, at all. Its just weird images, and jump scares. It lacks atmosphere, it lacks mood. It also rips of off better, scarier, horror games, such as PT and Amnesia.