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Legacy of Kain: Defiance The next chapter in the epic Legacy of Kain series is a cutting-edge action/adventure game featuring more action then ever before. Take control of two powerful and highly evolved vampires: Kain, an all-powerful demigod, and Raziel, a demonic angel of death. Each equipped with a legendary sword, Kain & Raziel must battle through a world loaded with conflict and intrigue as they attempt to unravel their destinies and defeat the dark forces that seek to condemn their world to eternal damnation. [Eidos Interactive]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1686
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Eidos Interactive / Nixxes Software
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Legacy of Kain: Defiance reviews ( 6 )

JerenyR., Mar 16, 2004

This game had me on the edge of my seat the graphics are incredible the puzzles are challenging but not to hard so I give this game a ten.. Any game that can hold my attention this long deserves a 10 thankyou.

StefanP., Jan 17, 2004

Great game . If you are ceeping with Legacy of kain series . At first I was a little frustrated by the camera ,but with time I get use to it . The story line is Superb . There are many unpredictable twists and thurns ,for you get the chanse to fight both Kain and Raziel . And again Kain and Raziel fight for dominion over destiny . DEsperetly surching for a new path , for a choise , to breake the promised future . It's a interesting concept to fight agenst destiny for free will . LOK relegate with the medieval princip of the two swords of power . The one in the hand of the king , the other in the hand of the pope .... Great idea .... The grapihc is realy greate better than the previous series . The new battle system is also vrey fun for you can lift enemies , and kick their asses in the air .

FilippoB., Dec 29, 2003

Great game for me. The combats are extremely funny, and in the game I looked foreword to find another stupid enemy to beat. Great graphics and sound. The story is now clear and beautiful.

IONOSGAMES, Jun 24, 2017

Un buen juego que tiene como protagonista a Kain, no tan carismatico como Raziel, un gameplay parecudo y una historia algo inferior. Inferior al resto de la saga pero un gran juego.

IzZo, Jan 10, 2004

Well...This Game is Way Better Than Blood Omen 2, Graphically better than Soul Reaver 2 as well, Really Digged the chance 2 Play Both Kain & Raziel in the Same Game,Like Kain's Attitude + Personality but think Raziel is a much cooler Fighter.I would put this game in the same catergory as PoP:Sands of Time, except that it has Cons,Like the Camera, Half the Time i dont know whether i'm alone or enemies r nearby,but the fighting system is pretty kool,mid-air Kombat Rocks! its Not the best game ever played but its definetely the best in the series so far,a must have for 'Legacy of Kain' Fans.

theNILE, Mar 14, 2013

So, to sum it up Defiance is basically DMC with everything other than the storyline/lore being horrific. The camera is infuriating at times and is more of a challenge than the actual game. The game-play itself is tragic, it quickly becomes an irritating platformer with dull, repetitive fights you have to deal with which you care not for. There are simple tricks to make most enemies incredibly easy and faster to kill specifically jumping and down-slashing. The different weapons you get don't really matter combat-wise as the game is mostly easy; they play a larger role in the lackluster repetitive puzzle platforming; to clarify, there are four temples, you have to go into them at least four times during the game, the first run takes long enough to bore you as all four temples are near IDENTICAL structure-wise. You have two SETS of IDENTICAL battles as well in these temples. The music and sounds are incredibly raw and basic for a game made in 2003 although there is a little charm. My main peeve is going through portals, the sound is REALLY loud and annoying so be prepared to turn your sound down. You're mostly running around the game trying to find "answers" as Raziel, a main character. Raziel is an idiot whereas his counterpart Kain, is the opposite. Raziel runs past murals which clearly tell you what he later states at a new mural. He also condemns the world twice. Then for some weird reason, he can return to the material world without a portal. He is also able to enter water unlike the previous games which again is not explained and doesn't make sense.