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Legacy Online Ever wanted to be master of your own capitalist empire? Whether you are driven by money, power, prestige (or all three), you can stake your claim on the wild frontiers of planets that are ripe for development. Choose your business acquisitions wisely to build a diverse portfolio, from heavy industry to real estate to retail chains or even farming. Your empire will flourish through strategic negotiations with other players - and don't forget the golden rule of location, location, location. Once you amass your fortune, earn prestige with your fellow entrepreneurs by contributing to the community such as building civic institutions, parks, or monuments. With enough prestige points, you can run for Mayor of your city or even President of the planet! With the ultimate success of your empire you can make your mark on history by achieving Legendary Status, the highest honor of all. Beware, capitalist success is highly addictive. [Sega]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 68 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1174
Genre Strategy, Tycoon
Players Massively Multiplayer
Company / Developer
Sega / Oceanus Communications
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Legacy Online reviews ( 3 )

CleteB., Jul 15, 2003

This game is awesome. I fully reccomend it. You begin with $100,000,000 (100 million dollars) to build an empire on a planet of your choice. You will find a nice tutorial waiting for you. It will suggest different things depending on the planet's status. Afterwords, you should talk to players, this will help you greatly, as I did not in Aries, an old beta planet. I didn't know many of the little things that could make you big money. I almost ran bankrupt many times, so I do suggest that you talk to players and ask them for major or minor tips and any questions you may have. Play continues as you research itens to raise desirability/efficiency of your stores/residential, same for quality in industry. I reccomend Chipango and the city Koriyama as a good starting point. Although any place anywhere is good.

DerekL., May 21, 2003

This is one of the coolest MMOGs out there today. Very deep and engaging gameplay--highly addictive! It takes a few minutes to get the basics down, but after that there are endless things to try and tweak and experiment with. Each player starts a company or companies and tries to corner the market on whatever they make or sell. You can open bars, bookstores, pharmacies, build real estate, and even eventually try to get elected to an office such as mayor. Although your companies still keep going while you're logged off, I find it very tempting to keep peaking at it to see how I'm doing. It's a very original and fascinating concept for an online game, and I highly recommend it to fans of strategy games of all sorts.

Orbiter, May 22, 2003

One of the most overlooked and underrated simulation games of the year. Players receive $100 million with which to start their financial empire on an alien planet. It's savvy plus problem-solving and deal-making skills versus the forces of capitalism. At the beginner level, players can go bankrupt, easily get loans, or simply start over from scratch with a full bank account as many times as they need to. Each level carries more handicaps, challenges and responsibilities as the player works toward building a legendary empire. Not the game for graphics and sound junkies, but a must-play for anyone who enjoys evolving a strategy and applying a large chunk of grey matter to excelling in a complex simulated world.