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Legend: Hand of God (Currently available in the UK/EU only) Whether large or small, the main difference between enemies in modern action-oriented RPGs has always just been the number of their hitpoints. Legend – Hand of God, the new action RPG by dtp entertainment and Master Creating breaks with this tradition, setting new standards. Thanks to the innovative Cinematic Combat System, orcs, ogres, trolls, goblins and their ilk will all be fought heroically in their own right. The Cinematic Combat System makes every monster brawl special. In Legend, gamers won't use their sword to tickle giant enemies at the knees anymore, but will fight them in a challenging and realistic manner – and in beautiful, spectacular 3D graphics. At the same time, Legend – Hand of God remains just as easy to control as other action RPGs. The impressive graphics are provided by an in-house engine, tailored specifically for the needs of an action RPG. Randomly generated dungeons and a manually crafted world on the surface bring the fantasy universe of Legend – Hand of God to life. A luminous spirit accompanies the players, giving them tips and clues, serving as the cursor and – thanks to real-time lighting – illuminating the dark corners of the world.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1448
Genre Role-Playing, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
ValuSoft / Master Creating

Legend: Hand of God reviews ( 5 )

JanW, Sep 1, 2008

LEGEND is far better than most reviews try to tell you - it´s not "uninspired" (Gamespot) just because it´s from Germany and not developed in US. I think it´s better than Titan Quest and much more innovative.

bud389, Sep 14, 2011

LEGEND was an interesting game, at first when i got it, the story seemed vapid and uninspired, but when i actually got into it, it seemed actually deeper then Diablo 2 what with it's lush environments, unique kill animations, amusing ragdoll, and dynamic lighting which really shows especially in cave sections which were a real treat. I also liked the detailed enemy designs, although the animations themselves could use some work, with better voice acting, and honestly, after a while it got a tad bit tedious and tiresome, either just form the constant grind of the action or the repetition in how the environment is designed, something made the experience feel like it was just one big grind after playing for an extended period of time. If the game fixed the horrible VA, fixed the pace, and made the levelling system a bit more detailed, it could've received a much higher score such as an 8. But as it stands, it's little more then something to tide you over till Diablo 3 arrives or maybe just something to experiance for yourself and see if you like it.

KelseyG, May 30, 2009

This game has potential but it has so many bugs that you would think they didn't even bother with beta testing! It was essentially released before it was finished.

JanosV, Aug 3, 2009

Not only is the gameplay boring and uninspired, but the "fairy" that acts as your mouse pointer has an excruciating voice and constantly makes stupid comments. I'm amazed that no one else has mentioned this, bad voice acting is one thing but the voice acting in this game is so horrible that it's painful to play.

koval321, Dec 6, 2014

This game is very underrated. If you play H&S games then you should try it. Am actually expect pile of trash after see reviews but was surprised how good it is. Am spend the same time on this game and Titan Quest am definitely must say that LHG keep me more and am still remember some moments where TQ feels completely empty and boring. Where maybe TQ have better design in locations and classic Diablo like inventory style. But in real content and gameplay LHG somehow win with TQ and few other H&S games. Am would give it 10 just for first good impressions, where in general its probably around 6 because few things could be better. And am give it zero because I hate respawns in RPG games because you dont feel any progression by it. I mean you just walk there and when look back its again full of monsters? LOL This is ridiculous.