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Legend of Dungeon Legend of Dungeon is a four-player co-op beat-'em-up with dynamic lighting on pixel art.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 64 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1498
Genre Action, Beat-'Em-Up, 2D
Company / Developer
Robot Loves Kitty / Robot Loves Kitty
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Legend of Dungeon reviews ( 7 )

borix134, Dec 28, 2013

You really need to understand the game to appreciate it, A great game, so much to the point that I got an account on metacritic just to show my support.

youarenoob, Jul 24, 2014

hellhoundpro you need to grow up kid.this game is awesome and person who are not in "gaming" world will never understand the soul of this game,like many other games.Graphic is not everything now you have games with 20-40 even gb of hard disk space with story 5-10 hours max. This game is masterpiece after some updates,and its addictive playing on 2 keyboards with 4 people (you just need to know how to configure hotkeys correctly-2 players each keyboard).

PIRATE_RedJ, Sep 16, 2013

Its a nice little game that is just a beautiful yet simple hack and slash where you don't have anything like classes or ability branches, but is reduced to the basic concept of wander a dungeon and collect loot. It also helps that you never really know what to expect in it the music is very special in the fact that it is randomly generated yet still very nice and dungeon runs can vary from finding a demon axe that does 80+ damage and increases movement speed, or finding a minotaur blocking your path to the next lower level.its a very pixely game yet it still accomplishes a somewhat above average lighting engine. LoD is not only a fun to play game but fun to look at, its a very colorful game and it has a highly unique style and theme to it.

DK2gamer, Feb 17, 2015

If you play it on your monitor it is 5 at best. Game is ok If you are into pixel art and not knowing what items do. Then you play in VR it adds a lot, implementation is OK (not great follow camera causes slight motion sickness).+1 VR adds a lot to dungeon crawlers feeling of being in dark, gloomy place sucks you in and +1 for that (can't wait for Diablo/Torchlight in VR).

ob_gyn_kenobi, Sep 17, 2013

I have to say playing this game brings back memories of playing Gateway to Apshai and Sword of Fargoal on the Commodore 64 back in high school. I think the developers took a somewhat simple game and turned it into a lot of fun. I only wish there was a save game option since not everyone has time to sit and play until the end game.

CaKeS, Dec 28, 2013

A very simple arcade, "grab-bag" style game, where you do the same general thing on each playthrough: You simply start at level 1, and go as deep in the dungeon as you can, encountering progressively more difficult monsters, and gaining better weapons. Even though you do the same thing each play, the dungeon is completely randomized and you'll spend a good amount of time discovering new small tricks or interesting features. The items can be unbalanced at times, and the monsters can sometimes be down-right way too hard, but overall I got a good amount of play time out of this, and plan on playing it more in the near future. The best quality to this game is that you can just pick it up, play through it once, and put it back down. It doesn't require a large attention span which is good if you're someone like me.

hellhoundpro, Oct 13, 2013

This game is terrible. Please ignore the majority of these positive reviews, most are written by people who created an account, reviewed this game immediately and then never did anything else. Sketchy A perfect ten with a review that is basically a commercial listing features Yeah ok nice try. Anyway, I really wanted to like this game but other than the graphics theres nothing original or even worth mentioning. The combat is a step below flash games, the sound is nothing write home about and its just SO incredibly tedious and boring. Honestly the critics were gentle with this game. Avoid at all cost.