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Legend of Grimrock Legend of Grimrock is a dungeon crawling game inspired by oldschool classics of the genre while still bringing its own twists to the game. The game features survival, combat, magic, puzzles and role-playing elements. The player is a prisoner sentenced to death and exiled to the secluded Mount Grimrock for vile crimes he may or may not have committed. Unbeknownst to his captivators, the mountain is riddled with ancient tunnels and dungeons. The player's mission is to form a team and escape by descending through the mountain, level by level. During the journey the player encounters mysterious puzzles, deadly traps, ancient tombs and horrible monsters left behind by crumbled civilizations long perished now. Find out more at http://www.grimrock.net
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 6683
Genre Role-Playing, General
Company / Developer
Almost Human / Almost Human
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Legend of Grimrock reviews ( 7 )

CVGAnton, Jul 27, 2014

I had played this game for a bit in the past, less then a few minutes because I could never figure out how combat worked and would always get killed off from the snail. Then the other night I started it up again and tried playing once more not expecting to get far or play to long. However I found myself playing for over an hour and was able to figure out what I couldn't before, so here is my review on a very awesome game. The Legend of Grimrock, a game I bought on Steam a couple years ago during the 2012 summer sale event made by Almost Human Games[www.grimrock.net]. The game is an old school RPG that is not turn based but live action. In other words you are able to move, cast spells, select items from your inventory and rest without waiting for creatures to take their turn. As your trying to get your spell cast or looking for a throwing item in your inventory the creature will be attacking you and won't sit there and wait till your done. I really found this game to have that pen and paper D&D feel to it and I like the idea of selecting the option to not have the game do the mapping as I explore and then I can map it out with graph paper and a pencil (I didn't do this of course). The character creation screen is very simple with 4 races and 3 classes to choose from. The inventory and character screen isn't complex or confusing but very intuitive and easy to figure out and understand. The spell's though are based on symbols and you have to select the right symbols or combination of to cast the spell. I found that you couldn't get the spell unless you found the scroll for the right spell but this could have been because I wasn't selecting the right symbol until I found the scroll. When venturing through the dungeon your characters will get hungry and there will be a symbol of food in there avatar picture indicating they need to eat. When you kill of creatures they will sometimes leave a meat chunk behind and you will want to get these to eat along with any food things you find along the way. During combat along the way some of your party member may die, take heart because they are not gone for good. You will be able to access their inventory while dead to. There will be these big blue floating crystals that when touched will restore your party to full health and energy and raid the dead. Remember where these ones are. Once they are used you will have to wait for a bit till it can be clicked on again. Now as for combat, where I originally had most of my troubles. To attack all you need simply do is right click on your hand under your avatar (wither their is a weapon in it or not). If your a spell caster you will want to keep at least one hand empty for right clicking to bring up the symbol window for spell casting. When you left click on a throwing weapon it will be attached to your mouse cursor and if you click with it again with your mouse pointer above the midline of the screen (the top half of the window) then it will be thrown. If you click below the midline (bottom half of the screen) then it get dropped on the floor. This is a keyboard and mouse type game and no controller support. Now that I have been able to find out something about the game and how combat works, along with the abilities to make your own dungeon's and storyline and the Steam Workshop to try some community based dungeons, The Legend of Grimrock is one game to have in your collection. Its worth a play!

Raddra, Apr 22, 2012

I haven't had as much fun in a game since Skyrim. Get it, it is such a refreshing breeze of fresh air in the polluted modern games market. The graphics are superb and the gameplay is fun. It requires intelligence and cunning to progress!

Howrus, Apr 12, 2012

It's game from past - time of Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore and Might&Magic 1-5. And now it returns with HD graphics.It might disappoint "young" gamers, but thous who started playing in mid 90 - you will love this game.

dcade, Jul 13, 2013

This game has beautiful graphics, detailed dungeons and a combat system different from most rpg's that teaches you to think and react quickly especially when it comes to the runes and throwing system. If you don't like to be forced to use your wit in fast paced battles (like all the people who wrote the negative reviews) don't buy it. But if you enjoy a deep dungeon crawler that challenges you buy this.

Malabali, Apr 30, 2012

I agree that spell casting is seriously flawed. And there're not enough interesting spells. But I still love the feeling of the dungeon crawling and the puzzles.

dubesor, Dec 1, 2012

This game is extremely fun. I am not an "oldschool gamer" per se. So I wasn't really aware of dungeon crawlers. But this game was just great. The tiles-based system and thus the unique combat system felt awkward at first but I got used to it fast. The story was good, I loved reading the notes and hints that prisoners before me left me. There are many secrets and puzzles. Most puzzles felt really rewarding to solve, others had me totally confused (especially some of the teleportpuzzles) but overall they were great. Playtime was 19 hours for me on my first playthrough while consulting a walkthrough 2 or 3 times. Replayability seems to be strong, i can't wait to start a new game and find all the missed treasures and secrets and try a totally different groupcombo with different skillsets and weapons. On the downsite, I didn't like the last level very much, it felt hectic and unnecessary. the bossfight felt unsatisfying and annoying with many monsters constantly blocking you. Overall it is a great title for an amazing price. 8/10

vistachiri, Jan 7, 2013

I bought this because it was highly recommended by more quite a few people. I cannot see why. Here are the reasons why I hated this game, and recommend avoiding it entirely. 1) 3 classes, garden variety, not much in the way of useful customization. 2) Real time in an RPG trying to be old-school 3) Terrible controls 4) Blocky movement (part of 3) 5) Reflex based puzzles (see 3 and 4 for part of the reason these are terrible) 6) Almost entirely reflex based combat 7) Absolutely terrible magic system, you are better off just filling your party with 2 of the 3 classes. 8) Uninspired and quite frankly boring storyline. I've played great old school rpgs, grew up on them in fact. This is not one of them.