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Legends of Pegasus The 4X space simulation will put players in control of the last surviving humans, as they explore space in a quest to expand their galactic empire. Players will conquer and explore an incredibly detailed 3D universe as they use economic, diplomatic and scientific means to expand their empires. Through a deep technology tree, players will unlock new technologies to customize their ships and prepare their fleets for the next alien encounter; be it hostile or friendly.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 38 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2049
Genre Simulation, Strategy, Turn-Based, General, 4X
Company / Developer
Kalypso / Kalypso, Novacore Studios
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Legends of Pegasus reviews ( 6 )

arkoftruth, Aug 24, 2012

This game shows promise but unfortunately has been made by a developer which has no idea what its doing. While the game is playable to a degree it does crash every hour. For me no problems occurred expect from crashing and some minor issues like Small and Large Repair docks being called Repair Dock with no hint of their size. Game show promise but it should be given over to a more experienced company to finish. This is NovaCore Studios first game and hopefully their last.

Nyurena, Aug 17, 2012

This is a near direct copy of the game Ascendancy from the 1990s, which is a good thing. However The game has been released in a near Alpha state of development. Everything about it lacks polish, such as difficulty spikes, to game breaking bugs such as this list... Often crashes after every real time fight as it tries to auto save. Swaps Z/Y keys when naming save games. Can brake your game if you colonize the 2nd planet too soon in the first mission. Voice acting sounds like William Shattner played by multiple people, both male and female of all ages. ASWD keys will stop functioning early into any game. (aswd moves the screen). In a real time battle the right mouse will fling your screen to one end of the solar system instead of changing the screen angle. And many more! There have been some patches and I really could love this game, but they had better get on fixing this broken game.. Don't Buy it! I know I regret it..

CodeChimp, Aug 13, 2012

Some legends are less than their sins. The game could be good, but it just has so many issues with it that it kills any enjoyment out of the game. Basic elements of good software design are devoid in this disaster of a game. Buttons don't work. Unmovable UI elements that do nothing but block useful buttons. Loading screens are missing. For example, when I first started the campaign all I saw was a black screen. I thought the game had locked up, in reality, it was just loading but there was nothing to indicate that, that was going on. The same can be said for resuming a campaign. If you click load and select your file, it won't tell you its loading, you just sit there and wait. The campaign/tutorial is terrible. I can build things that I can't do anything with. Some areas of the tutorial leave you left wondering what to do. Ships get stuck in orbit during combat. You can't move ships when you have unmovable objects like repair bays selected. Acknowledgements seem to be hit or miss, leaving you wondering if you clicked the right button. Overall, I'd avoid this game because its not worth $40. This is a bargain bin game at best. Don't waste your money.

TheRabbit1971, Nov 15, 2012

This is to put simply, a failed game. Everything everyone has said about this game, in a negative sense, is true. Buggy, broke, boring, and frustrating to play. If you can't deliver a good quality product, get out of the game. Sorry guy's but I un-installed this game only after 3 days of trying to play it.

waterwaterwater, Oct 6, 2012

Novacore studios has gone out of buisness. Serves them right. There will not be any new updates. Try to get a refund now if you have not gotten one already. DO NOT BUY if you are looking at Legends of Pegasus.

FallibleCanine, Aug 14, 2012

This isn't a buggy release. It's not really even a release. It's like a mid-development mock-up of a game. Not only does it crash constantly, but it is truly rife with glitches big and small. Further, it is wildly incomplete: a lot of text is clearly "placeholder" text. (Research tech: "Production2", if I recall rightly.) It's a sketchy draft of a game. I am appalled that they would release this. On top of everything else: they claimed to have been SURPRISED. HOW WERE YOU SURPRISED?