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Legends of Runeterra Face off in dynamic, alternating combat full of opportunities to adapt and outplay. Make your move, but be ready to react, because your opponent has a plan of their own. It all comes down to this—can you outwit them and win?
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 70
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Card Battle
Company / Developer
Riot Games / Riot Games
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Legends of Runeterra reviews ( 5 )

SorinTheBlack, May9, 2020

I really cant think of any flaw this game has: Economy : Well i managed to get all the cards through the beta stage without paying a $ and not only that but i collected enough resources to start the new expansion with many of the new cards. All these just by gaining 3-7 victories/ day and doing my quests. The conclusions are yours Art: The art is simply great and not only that but you can have many interactions between the different cards, so many that you might actually discover a new one every day Gameplay: The gameplay combines hs simple mana system with MtG s creativity and strategy while adding some important new things of its own like the champion cards, spell mana and of course the the whole ''respond'' thing each turn (if you play you ll get what i mean). Deckbuilding: There are trully many and different ways to build your decks, the meta (at least in beta stage) is everlasting changing and the generous economy of the game makes it so that you can always try new stuff you might consider you like. I m giving this game a 10/10 and no, i m not overreacting

Curzant, Jun5, 2020

Nice game, good art, for me the best card game i had played and its worth the time if you are one of those competitive players. With the rewards you can have a lot of cards, but its a little slow because you need to invest some time to get the cards. i have played the beta a few days and when it was out i played almost everyday and i can say that with 2 o 3 months you can have almost all the card if you do the daily mission and if you win like 3-5 match per day. (i have like 95-97% of the cards including the ones in the last expansion (rising tides) The game still need some bug fixes because there are a few that are annoying and only 1 bug make me lose in one match, it was patched later. but some of the little annoying bugs are still there, so it needs polish and a some new mecanics that could make this a better game.

RegularWaffles, Jun 20, 2020

Hi, this is coming from a League of Legends player and a HearthStone player. This game is not awful as it still has room to improve but right now the game is unhealthy. The balance of the strength of cards is vast. However, the game is still new, so balance patches can still save the game before its too late.

J21Lb, Jun4, 2020

I do not know much English and therefore translate from Google. I put 4 out of 10 developers on the aspects that the game deserves a month after the release, let's go through them. When the game was released, a wild fall of the servers began, the loss of the donation currency - support scripts - which responds quickly, but does not help properly. Since the game is still open-beta testing very poorly, constant crashes, relapses into the game. Then we go to the system of avatars and other favorite things that players love, avatars are broken - the patch was fixed, but still they bug every other time, we take bugs which still doubled with the release. We follow the meta - patch balance in the CCI once a month. We still have a lot of work to do, well, while the game still looks like in the developers, there are already many promises and so far few people believe in it and everyone is waiting. They are great guys and all that - the gorgeous game I play - but still the quality of the product is at a very low level because it was made at Unity. I’ll summarize the results of 2020 - if all the shortcomings are removed I will give it a better grade, but for now it’s 4-5 out of 10, no more, because I’m not playing the Riot project, but the indie studio project.

Nidame, Jun4, 2020

The game is frustrating, unplayable, unbalanced, mechanics that should not exist, cards that should not be created at all, bugged, I should write a separate review about this funny matchmaking, always choose the most expensive cards from the deck, no matter that you have a deck filled to the brim with cheap **** always will you choose what you don't need, and your opponent always say, always has what he needs, how the **** do I ask? Errors that often lead to your defeat, and do not write about the mistakes you make, but about those ****ing bugs that make the opponent's unit invisible from the beginning of the game, or the graphics of the unit that you got rid of 5 games ago! the glow that hits your eyes from some cards is so bright that half the screen is invisible, so you can't play unless you get rid of the cards from the hand that is responsible for it. I play from the beta and I think it will stop, I can't stand this carousel of frustration, first Elusive, then Burn Aggro, now Unyielding Spirit, Rito, get down to work and you don't promise a pear on a willow, first fix it and then add content because I'm ****ing it can't be played, I know that I wrote a lot of bad things, probably most of what I wrote here happened only to me, but seriously the **** like me can't win even 1 game per hour what is to be said by a new player who is delighted with the positive reviews will come to LoR and will get after all this, **** up on the farm to collect cucumbers and not the ****ing cards. If you've read it to the end, then good luck on your journey through the dung heap called Legends of Runeterra.