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Legion Arena Legion Arena puts you the player in charge of a Roman army and takes you up against the enemies of Rome. You must recruit & train up your troops, choosing the skills they will develop in an effort to create the most powerful army. Games will be played entirely online & all results are passed back to the server and logged and the player?s army ranked. And the best part is? it?s free! The player?s army starts small?really small! In fact to start with it only includes the player?s general character. The player also starts with a small treasury and can choose which units to recruit into their fledgling army. Initially you wont be able to afford too many troops & the higher quality units like Legionaries & Praetorians will be well out of reach. As the player fights and wins battles, their men gain experience & honours. These can be used to buy skills for the squad, ranging from improved weapons handling to the ability to hold a new formation. [Slitherine]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1069
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic, General
Players 2 Online
Company / Developer
Strategy First / Slitherine
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Legion Arena reviews ( 2 )

RabJ., Dec 5, 2005

Great single player modes that get you trained up to fight your friends on line. I love customizing the army and you can pick your own army and composition to a points value Terriffic!

MattK., Dec 5, 2005

What it loses in poor graphics it makes up for in gameplay.. This is one of those games most people don't know about that is really good... The single player is pretty fun but the multiplayer takes the cake (when people are online).. I only got rid of 2 points from perfect because 1. the graphics arent the best and 2. there is almost no one who plays online, if you wanna play online you have to wait for someone to join the channel which could take a while. There are things to do you can add people to your friends list on xfire and see when they are on so you can play multiplayer. But its a fun game. One of the few new games that I can actually say is a fun game with good replayability.