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LEGO Batman: The Videogame A stampede of notorious criminals have busted out of Arkham Asylum, where Gotham City houses only the shadiest of characters. It's up to the famed Caped Crusader to sweep Gotham clean of criminal activity using everything at his disposal, including crime-fighting vehicles as well as several baddie-bashing bat gadgets. [Warner Bros.]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1483
Genre Action Adventure, Modern, General
Company / Developer
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / Traveller's Tales

LEGO Batman: The Videogame reviews ( 7 )

VampireIdle, Jan 14, 2018

Lego Batman The Videogame is a nice game for the younger audience but also for the older audience and of course every Batman Fan. Unlike Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 it does not crash up on start up and runs all in all perfect. The Main Story itself is 6 hours long. But if you are really looking into it there is actually alot more that you can do. Once you complete a level you will unlock 'Free Play' which means you can once again go back to the level and do all the things you missed the first time you played it to 100% complete the game. Now the game doesn't have steam achievements but it does have a ingame gallery where you can see everything that you collected. Although I myself would off liked steam achievements a bit more this game was mainly aimed towards kids which means they got all the time in the world to collect every little piece in the game. Unlike the newer Lego Games this one has hardly any voice acting in it, meaning the only time you hear a voice is when they make a noise. At first it bothered me when I got the game a couple of years back but now it just add's to that comedy factor they were aiming towards and I love it. For the fact that this game came out in 2008 it is a gorgeous game that runs without problems! I can recommend this game for every Batman Fan and every Lego Fan.

ozgeek, Feb 24, 2012

Fun and humorous game. Very suitable for any age, even hearing impaired because there is no dialogue. Story is told through humorious actions of the lego versions of batman charactors. Gameplay is very easy and fun. The boss battles was a bit hard to work out but once it is worked out how to solve boss battles, it is very easy. A very enjoyable lego game that anyone can play, no matter young or old. I was 30 when I played this and still enjoyed it.

Dante_Pool, Jan 2, 2016

This can be considered a list of best lego games this and my second favorite game lego it is perfect and if you wonder what is the first lego star wars and you can still play the villain.

addie_ho, Jun 17, 2012

Fun and funny game. Fun enough to make it to 100% completed. I won't do it if the game is suck. I had so much fun playing it with my friend. We like this game. And we will play other LEGO game in the future.

russiangamer, Nov 22, 2016

Я остаюсь при мнении, что это одна из лучших лего игр, но есть минусы. Основные минусы: 1. Перебор с мрачностью. Кат-сцены очень крутые и забавные, но на самих уровнях всегда царит ночь и в воздухе присутствует некая депрессия, немного давит на психику. 2. Баги. Они не критические, но не приятно их присутствие. 3. Некая затянутость. Основные плюсы: 1. Кат-сцены, как я уже говорил, они бесподобны. Реально эпичные и забавные, отдельный мультфильм получается, если склеить их вместе. Это лучшее, что есть в игре. 2. Отдельная компания, где можно сыграть за злодеев. Тут же кроется и небольшой минус - игра успевает немного наскучить перед "злодейской" компанией. Хотя вы можете чередовать "злодейскую" и "геройскую" Геймплей в духе игр лего. Хоть оценка не такая большая, но это одна из моих любимых игр и одна из лучших лего игр. Она была сделана в то время, когда разработчики делали лего игры с душой, а сейчас это превратилось в конвейер.

SuperkenGaming, Apr 12, 2015

LEGO Batman The Videogame Boring and Basic Much Like Sly 2, I just don’t understand the praise this game has. Lego batman takes you through 30 levels, half you play as batman and robin, the other half you play as villains . Every single level it lego batman feels like a repetitive grind. Not a single moment did I find myself having fun with this game, and im a mild batman fan. Even the license wasn’t enough to bring me joy. Every level stars a new villain, whether you are playing the batcave side or the arkham asylum side. Batman and robin have various suits that can be found throughout levels that are used to progress and each villain has a perk of their own for level progression, but neither side feels the least bit satisfying to progress through or complete levels. The game is far too basic to bring joy, You mash a button until you see lego pieces bouncing around and then you hold down another bother button to build whatever it is you need to go to the next section and do it all over again. That’s all there is to the game. There are tons of progression annoyances that you will find if you play by yourself instead of co op which is clearly the better option. Too often I would find my AI partner stuck or not following me when I needed them to, and by time I realized it I was too far to swap so I had to walk back and find them, and at points where im trying to position other characters and don’t want to be followed, I would annoyingly be followed. At the end of the batman levels there is a boss Boss battles are pretty basic and boring too, much like the rest of the game its mashing buttons until you can build what you have to or until the enemy is vulnerable. I was greatly disappointed in LEGO batman the videogame, especially after hearing people rave on about the humor and charm in these games. There is none, theres just mumbles in cutscenes and subtleties that may or may not give you a mild chuckle, but I just don’t see the praise. There are a few vehicle based levels thrown in there to attempt to mix things up, but they just dnt, they follow the same structure of just break stuff to continue. Lego batman the videogame feels lazy to me, I didn’t enjoy my time with it even a little bit. I cant find it in myself to recommend this game, not even to batman fans, for what it is Action Adventure: 6.5/10 Overall: 6.5/10

thefishslap, Mar 18, 2017

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